US buys Russian aircraft and helicopters for its Marines

ROME, (BM) – US buys Russian aircraft and helicopters for its Marines, according to published US DoD request, learned citing the Italian news agency AnalisiDifesa.

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After more than 70 years from its first flight, the Soviet transport biplane Antonov An-2 [NATO code “Colt”] continues to be talked about, a true legend of world aeronautical history made in over 18,000 units by Soviet industries, Polish and Chinese and entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the only aircraft in the world in production for more than six decades, as well as recently made the headlines for use [in drone version] in the recent Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict.

The US Department of Defense issued at the end of November a request for aircraft used by “adversaries” [fixed and rotary wing] to be delivered for the needs of the Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One [MAWTS-1] located at the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona.

According to what was published on the US government procurement portal, the request formulated for the training needs concerns in detail an An-2 biplane capable of using tracking pods compatible with the Tactical Air Combat Systems range and two helicopters [Mil Mi-24 Hind and Mil Mi-17 Hip] capable of increasing the familiarization of the flight characteristics, capabilities, and limitations of a potential foreign adversary to current and future MAWTS-1 pilots.

Nothing new if we consider that many Soviet-designed airplanes and helicopters have long been used in the United States in specific evaluation flocks [we recall, for example, the various MiG-17, MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-29, Su-27, Mi-24, etc.]. Washington also uses them in real operational contexts, such as the Mil Mi-17 Jawbreaker in use by the CIA during the first missions in Afghanistan after 11 September 2001. Today this Mil Mi-17 helicopter exhibited at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, or the Mil Mi-171E4 in service with the USAF for special operations in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Finally, let’s not forget that several civilian contractors in the United States have purchased Russian fighters and who are specialized in offering support for aerial training to the US Air Force in DACT [Dissimilar air combat training], flight training. Simulation of aerial threats: among these, we remember the MiG-29s of the company Air USA, the MiG-21s of Draken International, and two Sukhoi-27 fighters of Pride International.

It is not yet clear where the Pentagon will purchase the Soviet-designed aircraft. Still, this should not be a problem since only in Europe, many Soviet hardware users are now part of NATO or are allies of the United States.

Why the United States should buy a Russia’s S-400 missile defense system?

In real terms, the US does not need the Russian S-400 missile defense system to protect its territory. The United States has its own one – Patriot. But they need the C-400 for other reasons. The Patriot is intended for both domestic use and protection in the US territory, as well as for sale to US third-party partners. This system is not the best in the world. In some respects, the Israeli Iron Dome defense system and the Russian S-400 are far ahead .

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However, Russia has made significant progress in the last 15 years in the field of air defense systems. The S-300 is such a system, but it is a rather outdated model, although some countries, NATO members or non-NATO members, still have it in their armament. This is not the case with the S-400 system, because in reality this system is an improved version of the S-300. But my goodness – how well it`s improved. S-400 defense system has missile weapons, which in recent years has been identified as the most dangerous in the world and perform multifunction shooting.

The ballistic range of the missiles is up to 230 square kilometers. Separate capture of a foreign bomber and readiness for launch is within a radius of 580 km. In 2017, the American magazine The Economist identified the C-400 system as “one of the best air defense systems ever made,” and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said “the C-400 is among the most advanced systems currently seen in the world “.

America needs the C-400 to learn how to keep its stealth fighters safe. There is one important feature of the Russian defense system that makes an impression: in addition to detecting and firing foreign bombers within a range of 580 km, it does exactly the same in the same range for stealth fighters. The Russian S-400 has a radar type 96L6E2. It is characteristic that it can simultaneously capture 100 targets, including if the system is positioned in mountainous terrain. This type of radar detects absolutely all types of airplanes in the air, without exception, including stealth fighters.

The S-400 radar system detects targets at maximal altitude of 100 km in all directions. But the radar also has another function – the detection of cruise missiles. After all, this system can do anything. The S-400’s radar is the only reason the US should buy this system. In this way, they will have technology that not only deals great damage to the enemy, but also handles the best American development in recent years – stealth. The F-35 is a multifunctional aircraft, but does not fly where the S-400 is located. There is a reason for this.

Do you remember when the Trump administration opposed Turkey’s purchase of Russian S-400 systems? Now that they have them, if the Turks decide to make the S-400 compliant with NATO standards, all the secrets of the F-35 fighter jet will go on display and allow the Russians to further refine their defense technology. It is for this reason that US President Donald Trump asked his Turkish counterpart, Erdogan, not to include the S-400 in active service. And more specifically – “do not turn on the system”.

America needs the S-400 for another reason. Their Patriot system is not the best. True, much more mobile than the Russian S-400, but not as effective. That is why America needs to find a solution to increase Patriot efficiency. They recently purchased two air defense systems from Israel – the Iron Dome. They bought them for this very purpose – to improve the efficiency of their Patriot system.

But as has become clear in recent months, the US is not achieving the desired development in this regard. This is because Israel and the US have exchanged in the recent years military technology and think almost the same way. To study the enemy – invite him to visit you. Watch him. Learn to do things like him, think like him.

Because at the moment, the United States is producing weapons, airplanes, and equipment to be sold worldwide, not to protect. While Russia does the opposite, it produces military equipment first and only to protect itself. And Russia is not worried about whether the enemy will be able to unravel russian military secrets. This is because historically, Russia has been attacked repeatedly, Napoleon and Hitler have reached the outskirts of Moscow but have never been able to conquer the Russian capital.

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Russia is not afraid to go into battle, even if the enemy has Russian weapons. Historically, Russians don’t care and know how to fight face to face. This is the reason why Russian fighters are more maneuverable and better in close combat than their American counterparts. This is the reason why they are constantly comparing the Su-35 with the F-35, even though the US has more advanced technology.


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