Winged ‘strategist’ from Russia impressed Chinese military experts

BEIJING, (BM) – Winged ‘strategist’ from Russia impressed Chinese military experts, learned citing an article in the Chinese news agency Sohu. New generation strategic bombers will significantly strengthen Russia’s nuclear triad. Using publicly available data, Chinese analysts analyzed the advantages of Russian designers’ secret project – the PAK DA missile carrier.

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According to experts from the Middle Kingdom, Russia has successfully entered the club of five generations, having completed work on the Su-57 fighter aircraft, which also integrates sixth-generation technologies. The RF Aerospace Forces’ arsenal includes effective combat vehicles of the 4++ generation, such as the Su-35 and Su-34. The Russian military is building on the advances in unmanned combat aviation by testing its modern UAVs. Also, a new generation MiG-41 fighter capable of performing missions in space expects to take off in the next few years. Another critical achievement of Russian aircraft designers will be the PAK DA strategic bomber, Chinese journalists are sure.

As the Chinese analysts remind, Russia carried out long-range aviation’s ultra-modern aviation complex under the heading “secret.” The project became known only in 2017, although the designers began to create an ultra-modern bomber in 2009.

Analysts of the Chinese edition note that the PAK DA will have several characteristics that will allow this unique aircraft to outshine its opponents. The Russians will make it according to the “flying wing” scheme, and the constructors and engineers will use the most advanced stealth technologies during its construction. In particular, Russia will make the stake on composite materials and a special radio-absorbing coating. Such an aircraft would be complicated to expose to enemy air defense systems, Sohu experts emphasize. Most importantly, the aircraft will perform a space interceptor’s functions, that is, to neutralize enemy objects in near-earth orbit.

Another advantage of the PAK DA is an engine developed specifically for this aircraft: it will provide a significant flight range for the future missile carrier. “Russia has developed this bomber to strengthen its strategic potential. These aircraft will be able to very effectively compete with American opponents – B-2 or B-21 bombers,” the authors of the article state.

According to Chinese analysts, recent advances in the Russian aviation industry indicate that the PAK DA strategic bombers will enter service with the Aerospace Forces on time and become an essential element of the Russian nuclear triad.

Earlier today…

Early today we announced that Russia will present a new weapon in the first hours of 2021, according to Chinese news agency Sohu. Analysts at China’s Sohu are looking forward to a new message from Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly. Experts from the Celestial Empire believe that the Russian leader will discuss further plans to modernize domestic weapons.

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As it became known, Russian President Vladimir Putin may make a traditional address to the Federal Assembly in early 2021. Chinese analysts recall that the Russian leader paid particular attention to national security issues during such statements.

According to Sohu analysts, the new weapon, previously announced by Vladimir Putin, has become known worldwide and is considered a fearsome and useful tool for deterring Moscow’s opponents. As one example, observers from the Celestial Empire cite the hypersonic anti-ship complex “Zircon”: the Russian state’s head presented it during his message to the Federal Assembly in 2019.

“Until today, the Russian army conducted several naval tests with this missile. The Russians hit all targets, and Zircon’s speed has reached Mach 8,” the Sohu authors note. According to preliminary data, this missile system will enter the Russian Navy service in the next few years.

Another example is the Peresvet laser installation, which Vladimir Putin spoke about in his address to the Federal Assembly in 2018. These systems are designing to combat unmanned aerial vehicles, which meets modern challenges, say Chinese analysts. And Russia continues to develop in this area.

“Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are a growing threat, and laser weapons are an effective means of countering UAVs,” Sohu analysts said. “Russia can take the lead in this area.”

The Kremlin is making a big bet on its latest Su-57 aircraft. The first serial fighter has already joined the army. By 2028, Russia’s aerospace forces will have 76 advanced fighters. The improved Su-57 equips with a powerful new engine, state-of-the-art avionics, and formidable weapons, experts from the Chinese edition claim.

Also, Russia is modernizing its reliable Tu-160M ​​bombers and is also working to create fundamentally new PAK DA “strategists.” In this way, Moscow has a significant arsenal of modern weapons and equipment and forces the whole world to monitor the Russian army’s modernization closely.

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