Military means against Turkey is an acceptable option for the Greeks

ATHENS, (BM) – Military means against Turkey is an acceptable option for the Greeks is the final conclusion of a local Greek poll, learned citing Pentapostagma.

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“Undoubtedly, 2020 was a particular year for humanity, with many developments in our country [Greece – ed.] as well. According to the data provided by Kappa Research poll, the coronavirus, the economy, and the Greek-Turkish relations monopolized interest for the past year” the article’s author says.

2020 was a year of insecurity, as shown by the survey. Citizens were deeply concerned about the coronavirus pandemic, the financial collapse due to lockdown, and the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean crisis. Particularly on Turkish provocation, one in two Greeks supports military means against Turkey [46%]. 52% would prefer the exhaustion of any diplomatic means. Also, 86% of citizens think Turkey should have kept Hagia Sophia as a museum and not turned it into a mosque.

With the developments in Greek-Turkish, it seems that the love of the Greeks for France was rekindled, with Paris strengthening the military alliance with Athens in the face of Ankara’s challenges. The military has had a substantial impact on institutional trust for 2020, as it has faced many challenges for most of the year. Another interesting finding is that citizens began to trust the public sector more than the private sector with the coronavirus crisis [50% the state, 43% the private sector].

The research closes with impressive transparency about how the Greek citizens predicted in 2003 the distance than 2020 and what happened.

Deadly Spike could be the Greek answer to Turkish demilitarization of the islands

Greece, it seems, has entered a rapid pace of armaments upgrade after several years. Of course, the focus may be on Rafale and frigates, but all three bodies will see a significant upgrade, as we reported on October 3, 2020.

In the face of Ankara’s claims, with all its illegal moves but also the irrational voices of Turkish officials for the demilitarization of the islands, one is the answer: strengthening the defense force of the Army with emphasis on both the Aegean and the Evros.

Besides, it already has state-of-the-art weapons systems and what matters is their maintenance and upgrade in the first phase and then the selective reinforcement with “smart” weapons of new technology, says Costas Sarikas to

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One of them, which has not just entered the “microscope” of the General Staff, as we have mentioned in a previous article, is the Israeli missile SPIKE NLOS, which has already been presented by the Israelis to the Greek officers. The interest in acquiring it is now more than intense and in the coming months developments are expected given the willingness of the Israelis to reach an agreement with the Army.

This is the multi-purpose weapon system (and not only anti-tank) Spike NLOS of the Israeli Rafael. The Spike NLOS incorporates an electro-optical set for target detection and wireless data linking for real-time “instruction” transmission by the pilot.

The 71-kilogram rocket inside the launch can hit a target either directly after launch, or in the process receive changes from the pilot and be redirected to a new target. In any case, the hit accuracy is top notch.

The weapon system is considered to change the “rules of the game” [game changer] thanks to the long-range performance. While the range was set at 25 km, which is already a very high performance, in recent years the manufacturer has reported a range of 32 km, apparently due to the availability of new types of lighter warheads.

The goal of the Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Charalambos Lalousis, is for the Army to upgrade its existing weapons systems, such as the multiple MLRS launchers and the RM-70, and to acquire the Israeli supership. Especially for the multiple MLRS launchers, the design envisages both upgrading of the missile system and the ammunition it uses in order to even double their range.

Conventional missiles have a range of about 30 kilometers while ATACMS [ArmyTactical Missile System] exceed 160. Maintenance and upgrade is planned for all anti-tank weapons systems available to the Army with the first Russian-made KORNET, the most powerful anti-tank weapon available in its arsenal, with a range that exceeds 5 km.

It is clear that the Spike NLOS is the only choice from the wide variety of high-tech weapons systems offered by Israel, which “makes sense” – compared to any other rather indifferent Israeli weapon that seems to have occupied the leadership – since the Strengthening bilateral relations in the defense sector has as its main goal the acquisition of a serious advantage for the Greek Armed Forces.

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