Taiwan creates coastal defense brigades, local media say

TAIPEI, (BM) – Taiwan creates coastal defense brigades say journalists from Taiwan News. The next year in terms of the Taiwanese armed forces’ reorganization will be separate additional coastal defense brigades. Their appearance is to increase the island’s defense’s effectiveness in the event of a hostile landing operation, learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing Defence24.

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The Taiwanese military is to create five additional coastal defense brigades, according to Taiwan News. The changes are to be carried out by the end of 2023, and then Taipei is to have 12 such units to increase the coastal defense capabilities. From 1 January, Taiwan will send one of the brigades to the most sensitive regions in the north and south. Later, the Government will distribute more among the areas of responsibility on the island.

Simultaneously, according to the publication mentioned above, Taiwan News, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of China in Taiwan, was to deny that this would be related to the increase in the number of active military personnel. According to journalists, the dementia was dictated by the local media’s debate that the first increase in the armed forces’ size could occur since 1997.

It was stated that the formation of new brigades is to carry out by reorganizing the current human resources of the local armed forces. The priority, which is currently showing the state’s increased resistance to a possible enemy landing operation, was indicated.

The Taiwanese authorities focus on increasing their armed forces’ capabilities through their structural reforms and modernization of weapons resources. Everything is dictated by the increasing military pressure from the People’s Liberation Army.

Taiwan acquires US ballistic and cruise missiles, China strengthens its missile bases

The military crisis between the North and the West will continue to grow with strong force, and China is expected to express its dissatisfaction with the US decision to sell ballistic and cruise missiles worth a total of nearly $ 1.8 billion to Taiwan in the coming weeks, as we reported on October 27.

Such a deal became clear to the public after the US State Department announced the new sale to the Asian island and actually gave the green light to start deliveries. Reciprocally, Beijing is expected to give the “green light” to another batch of reproaches to Washington. We know that China does not recognize Taiwan, and one of the main goals in the near future is for Beijing to regain its alienated territory, either through the use of military force.

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What does the deal between Washington and Taipei involve? Taiwan receives at least 11 Himars M-142 mobile artillery launchers with 64 Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) M57 ballistic missiles for 436.1 million. 135 AGM84H Standoff Land Attack Misca Expanded Response (SLAM-ER) cruise missiles entered F-16 combat bombers and usable against land and naval targets of $ 1 billion. Six MS-110 Recce Pods for 367.2 million also for F-16 equipment, after the Trump administration gave the green light in August 2019 to provide the latest version of the fighter, F-16 Viper Block 70 / 72.

Washington’s idea is to minimize possible US involvement in a China-Taiwan conflict in the future by selling dozens and hundreds of weapons to Taipei, allowing the country to defend itself against a possible Chinese invasion. We have repeatedly analyzed Taiwan’s military power, and given China’s power, Taipei could be more than a serious resistance to a future Chinese attack. Many experts even believe that Taiwan now has the ability to respond immediately to provocation and deploy its defensive and offensive forces faster than those of China.

The Taipei administration naturally welcomed the Trump administration’s decision to provide weapons to Taiwan, stressing that Washington’s actions made sense and logic after an agreement was reached between the two countries to provide military assistance. As China has not recognized Taiwan’s independence, Beijing is expected to start irradiating the local and international population with the fact that in this way the United States is interfering in China’s internal affairs and in the coming days the Chinese government will take a very “legitimate and necessary response. basis for the development of the situation”.

The rhetoric between the two countries does not surprise us, as this has been going on for years. But in reality, China seems to be preparing for an invasion of Taiwan, according to some military analysts, who say Beijing has violated Taiwan’s airspace at least 21 times in the past year alone, and the Chinese Communist administration is putting pressure on Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-ven, who is accused of pursuing the independence program.

However, China also understands the real danger, despite its power and large army, of failing a possible attempt to attack Taiwanese lands. Beijing’s actions on this issue are eloquent, after only a week and a half ago the Chinese People’s Liberation Army strengthened its positions and missile bases at the Fujian and Zhejiang negotiations, seeing that Taipei deployed DF-17 ballistic missiles in this area.

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