Russia has conducted a test of a missile system for possible space impact

WASHINGTON, (BM) – According to a press release issued by the US Space Command, the Russian military has tested a new anti-satellite missile system, learned citing the press release.

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On December 16, the US Space Command alerted about Russian tests. According to the United States, Russia continues to act bilaterally. Moscow has told the public that it opposes turning space into a battlefield. Simultaneously, the Russians are testing a direct-ascent anti-satellite designed to hit targets in orbit around the Earth. According to the Americans, the new Russian missile can destabilize the United States’ ground and orbital capabilities.

We remind you that such a test is not the first that Russia is doing. In April this year, Washington again alerted that the Russians had conducted the same test. Then, the Russian Ministry of Defense did not deny this information. According to Moscow’s statement, Russia has tested the capabilities of the new S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft system. The S-500 is officially expecting to enter service next year. Many military experts say there is no opposition to it now, and the design gives Russia an advantage in this area of ​​at least ten years over NATO allies.

The US Space Command claims that such tests are the main reason for the US Space Command’s unification with its combat command. According to Washington, this missile system is a threat to the United States and its allies. “We are ready and determined to deter aggression and protect our nation and our allies from hostilities in space,” the statement said.

The US Space Command does not rule out the possibility that the tests conducted will worsen diplomatic relations. According to Washington, Russia uses two types of space weapons.

The first type of weapon is what the Russians tested days ago – direct-ascent anti-satellite missiles capable of destroying objects in low orbit around the Earth [DA-ASAT]. Testing of such a weapon is dangerous for the space field. A collision with an enemy satellite will contaminate the orbital space. Such a blow would also cause severe problems for civilian commercial satellites. The Americans conclude only if the Russians decide to test their rocket on a real orbital satellite in the next stage.

The second type of weapon is the ASAT system. Such an approach is not unknown to the world, but only a few countries have it. These are the United States, Russia, China, and India. ASAT is a complete weapons system that acts differently. The system is countering an enemy nuclear or space strike, multiplying the first nuclear strike, and a countermeasure against an adversary’s anti-ballistic missile defense [ABM], an asymmetric counter, a technologically superior adversary, and a counter-value weapon. In the past, when this type of anti-space weapon system was developed, the countries that had it shot down their satellites to demonstrate their power to the enemy.

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According to the US Space Command, testing and possession of similar weapons from Russia can seriously unbalance a safe, stable, and operationally sustainable space environment. “Russia has turned space into a battlefield,” the press release said.

What is the Russian S-500 anti-aircraft missile system?

The S-500 Prometheus is the first all-Russian missile system created after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Many people are confused and think that this is the current S-400 system. But the S-400 is just an updated version of the older Russian S-300 and S-200.

S-500 Prometheus can intercept and destroy two main types of missiles – ballistic and intercontinental ballistic missiles. The idea is for the S-500 to intercept and, if necessary, destroy intercontinental ballistic missiles in the middle and last part of its trajectory. The S-500 Prometheus can easily intercept, track and destroy all airborne objects, including state-of-the-art stealth fighters and low-orbit satellite satellites.

The chief Russian designer of the air defense system, Suzinov, said in an interview with a Russian newspaper that the S-500 should “catch” in the upper atmosphere. According to him, the S-500 is more of a computer than a rocket. Suzinov claims that the S-500 solves many tasks related to the simultaneous calculation and response of air and missile attacks.

“We tried to make a forecast for the next 25 years on aerospace attack weapons development and believe that it will be very reliable in terms of the characteristics that a potential adversary can achieve in this period. Accordingly, our system must be able to deal with those means which are still missing, but may appear in five, seven or ten years,” Sozinov added.

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