United States is changing the game – microwave ‘weapons’ on their fighters

WASHINGTON, (BM) – Some details about the US military’s work on airborne microwave weapons have become known to the American press. Now the Pentagon is working on the possibility of placing energy weapons on fighters, and earlier test launches of missiles with microwave warheads from strategic B-52 bombers took place, learned BulgarianMilitary.com.

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The fact that the Pentagon is actively studying the possibility of promising weapons became known to The Times. The US military has long been actively working on directed energy weapons that can be placed on airplanes. There are many aircraft lasers projects – both designed for missile defense and capable of hitting ground equipment. Now it’s the turn of the microwave “guns.”

The information was given to reporters by an unnamed representative of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). However, the newspaper’s interlocutor refused to provide any details. His words were indirectly confirmed by Douglas Barrie, an expert on the aerospace industry at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. According to his data, he said that such research is carrying out in several countries: the United States, Great Britain, China, and Russia.

The secret plans of the Pentagon contain information about the passed tests of missiles with microwave warheads. What is the principle of their action, power, and scope of applications is unknown. It is only indicated that cruise missiles with such warheads launched from the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress hit electronic targets at 1100 kilometers.

Now the military is considering options to place such weapons on fighters. However, in this case, we are not talking so much about missiles as about “guns.” The work is carried out by DARPA – the leading research unit of the American military machine. The primary targets of such installations will be radars and sensors on enemy vehicles.

Millimeter electromagnetic waves [microwaves] have attracted the attention of the military for a long time. Possible applications include both non-lethal destruction of enemy human resources and disabling electronics on military equipment. Among other things, directed microwave radiation is effective against unmanned aerial vehicles of a wide variety of classes.

In many cases, such air defense installations are cheaper and more convenient than classical ones, where a missile or a projectile hits an enemy aircraft or UAV.

Chinese claim to have used microwave weapons against Indian soldiers

China used microwave weapons in August to shock Indian soldiers, which forced them to leave their posts – at least that’s what Beijing expert Jin Canrong said in a lecture that was leaked to the world infosphere thanks to The Times, as we reported in November. The Indian side denies these revelations, describing them as unfounded.

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The “Secret Weapon”, in which commentators spot the exposed millimeter radio wave emitter Poly WB-1, first unveiled at the Zuhai air show in 2014, was intended to turn Himalayan peaks into a “microwave oven.” The emitter is said to be able to affect distances of up to a kilometer and, according to Jin Canrong, caused Indian soldiers to feel unwell and vomit.

The impact of microwave weapons on humans is also often compared to the feeling that one has when touching a hot light bulb, and in fact this weapon works on the principle of heating water in the human body. All this was to make staying in the mountain bases unbearable for the Indians and they left them, and some were even lowered on ropes. Jin Canrong described the cooking of Indian troops as a “beautifully done” operation that cleared the disputed area of ​​enemy troops without breaking the reciprocal agreement between the PRC and India.

The whole event was supposed to take place in August, and therefore only weeks after the June “Battle of Grunwald” between soldiers of both countries, with bare fists and white weapons. 20 Indian soldiers and an unknown number of Chinese were killed in these clashes [the PRC did not disclose its losses]. However, Indian authorities and military forces describe these revelations as unfounded and untrue. Indeed, there is no evidence of the use of microwave weapons by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, and the only photos are Indian soldiers lying on the ground, wounded or sick. However, they could have found themselves in such a state as well after a hand-to-hand fight with the Chinese or as a result of the harsh conditions in the Himalayas.

Until now, it was believed that the Chinese incorporated the WB-1 systems into their Navy. Similar systems – Active Denial System – were also introduced by the Americans, who even took them to Afghanistan, but eventually withdrew them without a single use against humans. Should the information about the use of microwave weapons be confirmed, it would be the first militant use of directed energy weapons in history, as well as part of a further escalation of tensions between the two Asian nuclear powers. However, the whole information fits in a different scenario – the flexing muscles by the PRC, which are trying to present to the world its military and technical power.

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