New military items and technologies will go to the US Marines in 2021

WASHINGTON, (BM) – The US Marines will be the first to innovate, after which they will spread to the rest of the United States Army, learning citing several Pentagon sources.

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December is the time to sum up, some results. Military observers of the Task and Purpose portal are especially fond of doing this. Only this time, the journalists decided to take stock of the future weapons, which should appear at the US Marines’ disposal in 2021. As observers note, for the most part, new items represent new means of a lethal outcome, which have long required either modernization or complete replacement.

The first such novelty will be the new M18 service pistol. The gun began its arrival at the US army units in September 2020. However, the timing of the introduction of weapons has moved to the next year. The eighteenth is the compact version of the M17 pistol, adopted in 2017. The arms manufacturer is SIG-Sauer. Approximately seven thousand weapons will go to the Marines in 2021.

M18, as well as its older “brother,” uses automatic equipment with a movable barrel. The firing mechanism has a preliminary partial cocking of the mainspring. The pistol should replace other weapons such as the M9, M45A1, and M9A1.

The next novelty will be the futuristic combat goggles for military personnel. Soon, all the units operating on the line of contact with the enemy will be connected to a standard network, continuously coming through the server to the receiving corps. The Pentagon will place such a block on each Marine. From it, the information will be decrypted and displayed on the display of battle points. The goggles will give soldiers more opportunities, among which there will be the ability to view the battlefield, the picture of which will upload to the server from a drone or satellite. Goggles will give soldiers a visual definition of friend or foe, translation of foreign inscriptions, viewing each soldier’s physical condition, and much more. The integrated visual augmentation system [IVAS] bases on HoloLens technologies from Microsoft. The first to receive points will be the units based in Europe.

Another novelty will be devices for silent shooting, simply silencers. Devices for small arms chambered for 5.56×45 from the Knights Armament Company should be installed on M27 automatic rifles, M4 carbines, and M4A1 melee combat weapons. The intention to equip the Marines with silencers bases on the need to increase the survivability of fighters in close combat and, at the same time, destroy as many enemy soldiers as possible.

The fourth novelty in 2021 in the US Marines will be the Multi-Road Adaptive Design (MRAD) sniper rifles from Barrett Firearms. The gun is based on the Barret 98B and has a bolt action. In 2012, the rifle was recognized as the best sniper weapon, after which the Pentagon decided to equip the MK22 with Marine sniper units. Washington signed the contract with the manufacturer in 2019, and the first batch of MK22 is expecting in 2021. Again, companies based in Europe will be the first to begin equipping.

The next “gift” to the Marines will be the M320A1 grenade launcher from the German company Heckler & Koch developed in 2008 for the US army’s needs. The grenade launcher fires all possible ammunition that American and NATO soldiers have at their disposal. If a misfire occurs when firing from the M320A1, press the trigger again. It is made self-cocking in the new version. The maximum range of the warhead when fired reaches four hundred meters.

Another novelty will be a bulletproof vest, which differs from previous samples in that it will become more “streamlined” and will be twenty-five percent lighter. Plate Carrier Generation III, as the new protection is called, is manufactured by Vertical Protective Apparel. The contract with the company was signed in 2018, according to the terms of which representatives of the US Marine Corps will wear more than two hundred thousand pieces until 2023.

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An equally important new addition to the Marines is the Intense Cold Weather Boot. “Boots made from genuine finished leather are designed for use in temperatures of minus twenty degrees Fahrenheit [minus twenty-nine degrees Celsius]. They should fill the gap between existing Marine combat footwear for moderate weather and vapor barrier boots for extreme weather conditions,” says the boot release.

There is another element that is touting as possible new for 2021. It is a promising weapon from General Dynamics-OTS. However, the Pentagon has not yet decided regarding the new weapon, choosing between three types of prototypes. However, it is worth waiting for the coming of the new year and seeing.


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