Sohu: Russia’s new radar station – retaliation for the American F-35s

BEIJING, (BM) – Russia’s latest radar stations will be an unpleasant surprise for the United States and other NATO countries. This opinion does analysts of the Chinese edition of Sohu expressed, learned

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The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that new over-the-horizon radar stations [radars] are planning to be installed in the south and east of the country. They will help detect air targets thousands of kilometers from the borders of Russia. “In this way, the Russian Federation will be able to detect various aircraft, including airplanes, cruise missiles, and even hypersonic weapons, within 1,500 km from its border,” Chinese analysts assumed.

Specialists from the Celestial Empire have calculated that the installation of new radars will allow Russia to take into the surveillance zone the territory of almost all Eastern Europe and the Black Sea, the entire airspace of Georgia, of the airspace of Turkey and Poland. This step on Moscow’s part is fully justified, since the United States has repeatedly staged provocations on the Russian borders, including sailing deep into the Black Sea. Sometimes these are direct provocations, and sometimes they are carried out under the guise of military exercises.

“NATO countries led by the United States have repeatedly entered the Black Sea under the banner of freedom of navigation, conducting military exercises under a prestigious name, but everyone knows that these maneuvers are aimed at Russia,” write the authors of Sohu. Therefore, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation decided on the need to install new radars. Of course, Russia has previously monitored the security of its borders and what is happening in the Black Sea, but the radars’ detection range was approximately 400-500 kilometers. Now the new systems will increase this figure to 1,500 kilometers.

Also, Russia has pulled this trick for another benefit: the fact is that Moscow is not assertive in terms of creating stealth fighters, but it makes up for this shortcoming with excellent air defense means. With the advent of F-35 fighters in Europe, defense tasks for Russia have become even more urgent. Therefore, the deployment of new radars is directing against American military aircraft. “This is retaliation for the F-35 fighters,” Chinese experts say.

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The Russians are seriously developing their technology to detect “invisible” US and NATO aircraft

The Russians claim to have technology that has developed a photon radar that turns fifth-generation fighters with stealth technology into useless fighter jets, reported in August this year, citing the Russian Night Courier magazine. In this case, experts say that if this radar is installed, which they believe will happen, the American F-35 and F-22 fighters will not have the necessary effectiveness against Russian weapons systems equipped with this photon radar.

“The United States likes to show off its modern stealth fighters, such as the F-35 and F-22, but in the foreseeable future they will be useless,” said engineers from the Russian concern Vega. Engineers say they have succeeded in developing phase-active radar thanks to the principles of radiophonics. The prototype has already been tested and, according to a Moscow Komsomol member, is successful.

Active phased array antennas allow the production of radars that are smaller than those currently used by the military. With more modest sizes, their capabilities are much higher. The new technology, as the publication notes, will significantly reduce the size of on-board radars and allow their integration into the skin of the car body. This will increase the field of view of the radar. Thus, the skills of the future radar to detect fighters equipped with stealth technology take away their main advantage – to be invisible to enemy radars, thus becoming lower-generation fighters.

Earlier this year, Russia introduced another radar that detects stealth technology. According to sources from the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation the new radar “Struna-1” will not leave a chance to the “invisible” aircraft of the United States and NATO. The Struna-1 radar trap developed by Russian engineers will make it possible to detect any stealth technology aircraft, which will make US Air Force fighters obsolete, journalists say.

The main technical feature of the Russian radar trap is that the signal transmitter and receiver are in different places, which makes it easy to detect “invisible aircraft”. In addition, the system can find low-flying objects, which could not do the development of previous generations. Thus, a new radar trap will turn the latest US developments into “obsolete cars,” according to PolitRussia reporters. They cite American journalists, who, in turn, argue that Struna-1, together with other Russian complexes, poses a “significant threat to NATO aircraft.”

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