Russia and China will have problems with the new Tomahawk Block V missile

WASHINGTON, (BM) – On December 11 this year, we informed you that the US Navy had conducted the first tests of the latest class of Tomahawk missiles – Block V. The tests were conducted in the Pacific Ocean, and the destroyer class USS Chafee (DDG 90) launched this missile for the first time.

Tomahawk Block V is an entirely new development of the legendary sea rocket that Americans have been proud of for many years. Block V has a real chance to continue this tradition and more. The new US naval missile has a subsonic speed and has a hidden advantage in the era of hypersonic missiles in China and Russia. Tomahawk Block V could become a real threat to enemy fleets on the high seas.

We looked in detail at the new features of the missile. We also managed to get acquainted with the opinion of experts in the field. Here’s what you need to know about the new Tomahawk Block V racket and why China and Russia could be in serious trouble with it.

First, Tomahawk Block V has better performance than its predecessors. According to American military sources, the range of damage has significantly increased. The missile can hit a target at a distance of up to 1,609 km. or 1,000 miles. In this case, the range is essential for the US Navy, as it is locating in an area where Chinese missiles have an imposing range [between 1,300 and 2,500 miles]. Tomahawk Block V has a new target finder [seeker] for more accurate identification and missile targeting in addition to the increased capacity of damage. The missile will also have much better-penetrating power than the previous one. There are improvements on the Tomahawk Block V. US sources claim that the new missiles will be integrating on both US Navy warships and attack submarines.

Second, Tomahawk Block V expects to be more survival than its predecessors. The missile will have a much more powerful electronic warfare system, and it will be difficult for the enemy to try to silence it, deflect it, or burn its electronics. This opinion comes from Bryan Clark, a retired submarine officer and senior fellow at Hudson Institute.

Third – the subsonic speed. In the era of supersonic and hypersonic missiles, which Russia and China have been working hard in recent years, Tomahawk Block V looks like an outsider. But this is not the case. It is the subsonic speed of this rocket that is an advantage, not a glitch. When the Tomahawk block V moves at subsonic speed, it is economical. This speed means reaching a target well above the officially declared technical mileage range of 1000 miles.

Fourth, the rocket is cheap. The cost of Tomahawk Block V is nearly $ 1 million. The cost of other similar missiles in various classes is almost $ 3.5 million apiece. That is why the cheap missile can be ordered in larger quantities and double the arsenal of a warship or a submarine. Nowadays, it is essential not to be limited in armaments, and Tomahawk Block V, due to its low price, gives this opportunity.

Fifth, combinatorial compatibility. Military experts say that when the time comes for supersonic and hypersonic missiles, Tomahawk Block V will “fall.” And it is. But until then, military experts see the rampant combinability, compatibility, and easy integration of this missile with current and perhaps future missile classes. Tomahawk Block V is an alternative to the current capabilities of the US Navy. The US fleet can easily share it with the SM-6 missile, which has a surface strike mode. Clark claims that currently, with Tomahawk Block V, SM-6, and NSM, the United States has a collection of well-oiled “missile machine” that can hit anything.

The overall assessment for Tomahawk Block V is that this missile will remain in service for a long time in the US Navy. Even after the advent of hypersonic missiles, which will surpass it, the low price and precision of destruction will be an alternative to its use.


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