China has at least 350 nuclear warheads, a new US report said

WASHINGTON, (BM) – A new US report, but this time not from the Pentagon, estimates China’s nuclear stockpiles at least 350 nuclear warheads, learned, citing an article in the US military publication Defense News.

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It is a report published by the American nuclear act from Chicago, Illinois. The figures in this report differ significantly from those of the Pentagon. According to the author of the new report, Hans Christensen, scientists have reached this figure based on the available nuclear warheads that the Pentagon is aware of and new weapons developed. Hans Christensen is currently targeting the development of hypersonic and ballistic missiles by the Chinese military industry. Thus, scientists from Chicago concluded that not 200 [as the Pentagon claims], but at least 350 nuclear warheads are available to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

According to the report, the nuclear warheads currently in operation are also more extensive than those presented by the Pentagon. We are talking about 272 nuclear warheads – produced and in process. The report says 204 of the 272 nuclear warheads are on surface-to-air missiles, 48 ​​are on submarines, and only 20 are for Chinese bombers.

For non-military citizens, we should note that this stockpile of Beijing does not represent a “great nuclear potential.” The United States and Russia continue to be leaders in the field of nuclear warheads. Each of the two countries has thousands, which is a sufficient basis for comparing the Chinese stock’s new data. Beijing generally maintains a low level of the nuclear stockpile but is concerned that the Pentagon’s data differ from those published in the scientists’ report.

There is even a high probability that these 350 nuclear warheads will turn out to be even more. The report does not publish nuclear stockpiles of the alleged hypersonic and ballistic missiles that have already been produced and will be integrating into various military systems. Various nuclear research centers worldwide, including various intelligence services, classified China’s nuclear readiness as a “moderate state of readiness.”

As we reported yesterday [December 14] China may soon achieve a military equilibrium with the United States, according General Mark Milli, head of the United States’ Joint Chiefs of Staff statement.

According to him, the PRC has a “very powerful” economy; the country has spent a lot of money developing the armed forces. At the same time, Milli stressed that China is engaged in military development in all environments: land, sea, space, cyberspace, and air. Thus, according to Milli, China has already managed to create “a significant military force.” The general pointed out that China wants to “be on a par” with the United States by the mid-2030s.

“They are on their way to it. If this continues, and everything never goes as it should. Still, if everything remains the same, they will be on an equal footing with the United States at some point in the future. I will not discuss specific dates,” said General, RIA Novosti reports regarding the Wall Street Journal. Milli stressed that China is “advancing very rapidly” in several areas. “This is artificial intelligence, hypersound, and much more than they are in the field of space exploration and cyberspace,” he said.

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He also pointed out that the PRC is changing its doctrine and “improved training.” “They are becoming a world power. There is no doubt about that. I prefer to leave the issues of parity and superiority for another, more closed discussion. But they are moving in this direction,” the general concluded. According to him, the US should not classify China as an enemy, but China is a “security challenge for the United States.”


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