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WARSAW, (BM) – On December 6, 2020, Janes magazine announced the US Special Operations Command [USSOCOM] plan to acquire new technological solutions related to intelligence, surveillance [monitoring], and reconnaissance [ISR] of the modern battlefield. These activities aim to maintain a technological advantage over potential opponents and expand the existing capabilities to conduct special operations based on new solutions developed by the industry.

USSOCOM [specifically the Board of Science and Technology] is interested in programs for devices using the Android operating system to support searches and collect data from objects [Sensitive Site Exploitation – SSE] and help transfer it to higher levels for further analysis. The requirements included: intuitive data visualization, remote voice recording and identification, collection of fingerprints, DNA or other biometric data, and secluded setting of beacons or beacons. They were implementing activities under the RRI mission in the field. For this purpose, it was issued on 03/12/2020 an official Request for Information [RFI] to potential bidders.

A demonstration of possible solutions is planning during the Technical Experiment 21-1 scheduled for March 2021. at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center and Jefferson Proving Ground, Indiana. This experiment will allow US special forces representatives to familiarize themselves with new technologies and the possibilities of their use in future special operations.

As part of the search for solutions in technical solutions in the ISR area, USSOCOM also expects from the industry proposals for radio stations with advanced software, digital receivers, and antennas enabling safe data transmission during expeditionary operations. In radio stations and receivers, USSOCOM representatives are looking for systems that would allow their remote reprogramming and reconfiguration, ensuring a wide range of frequencies.

They also are looking for data processing and uninterrupted operation conditions of a strong influence of the potential enemy’s radio-electronic warfare systems. Radio stations and receivers must also upload, store, and retrieve data from them and equipped with security measures to protect against unauthorized use. Thus, they can play the role of portable classified data banks.

Other sought-after solutions enable the use of GPS receivers located, among others, on land platforms [both soldiers and vehicles – manned and unmanned] performing tasks in conditions of substantial radio-electronic interference. USSOCOM is also looking for tactical video recording and transmission systems for special reconnaissance and target identification tasks. These systems must, among other things, be small, can smoothly enlarge the image, enable observation and recording of the image, and take pictures [at least in HD resolution]. They also must allow remote reprogramming and reconfiguration and bilateral data exchange between the device and the user’s control panel [both wired and wirelessly].

The above activities are part of a more comprehensive USSOCOM strategy of acquiring and using the latest scientific and technical solutions for future special operations needs. This strategy assumes, among other things, obtaining solutions in the fiscal years 2022-2026 through cooperation, among others, with its industry, universities, and research centers in the following areas:

– Biotechnology and peripherals;
– Hyper Enable Operator – a program aimed at increasing remote access to information, a quick analysis of it and enabling correct, timely decisions to be made by commandos performing tasks as part of special operations and managing their activities;
– Management of ICT networks and data;
– Next-generation effects – for future fire systems;
– Next-generation ISR;
– Mobility, based on new solutions.

This strategy is basing on anticipating the evolution of the battlefield environment. This forecast assumes the occurrence of significant difficulties in gaining access to satellites, threats from hypersonic weapons systems, activities in cyberspace, and the strong impact of radio-electronic warfare systems that will affect tasks’ performance commandos.

The increasing access to modern technologies will cause these unfavorable changes for countries [competing with the US and Western countries] and non-state actors [e.g., terrorist organizations]. Hence, USSOCOM is looking for technical solutions enabling the effective implementation of American commandos’ current tasks in the face of the above changes. At the same time, he focuses his efforts on a single soldier who will meet the objectives set for him, despite the extremely unfavorable conditions for their implementation, thanks to the supply of all technical innovations.


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