Russia’s Su-57 fighter jet is modern and threatens NATO assets, the NI said

WASHINGTON, (BM) – The American expert and author Mark Episkopos pay attention to his new article on the National Interest of the Russian Su-57 fighter. According to him, the Russian Su-57 fighter is a successful project that will pose a real threat to both the United States and NATO. Episkopos claims that the Su-57 is the most discussed aircraft in the last decade, and Russia has already made its most important step – the serial production of the fighter.

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The Su-57 is not a stealth fighter but an anti-stealth fighter. The author of the article says that the Russian aircraft manufacturer has achieved a very optimal balance at price-aerodynamics. Su-57 can reach speeds of up to Mach 2 without additional burners and a subsonic range of up to 3,500 km. The author emphasizes that the new Russian fighter has a serious vector thrust, which makes it super maneuverable, something in which the F-35 can not compete. In this way, writes Episcopos, the Su-57 can stand up and defeat the F-35 in direct combat. Precisely that makes the aircraft dangerous – the use of its raw speed with brutal efficiency.

The Russians have equipped the new Su-57 fighter with an arsenal of air-to-air missiles. These are the R-77 and K-77M models, which are controllable and allow active electronic scanning. These missiles have an impressive launch range – over 150 km. Episkopos claims that the Russians have decided to equip the Su-57 with at least two hypersonic R-37M missiles. The Su-57 is also arming with air-to-surface missiles as well as guided bombs. According to the author, the most impressive is that the Russians have planned the Su-57 to carry one of the newest and most dangerous missiles globally at the moment – the Kinzhal nuclear hypersonic missile.

The base model of the Su-57 would cost about $ 40 million. According to Episcopos, this is effective pricing for a weapon system that is “more sophisticated” than the F-35 and cheaper than it. The launch of serial production of the fighter also affects the formation of this price. has repeatedly written that this aircraft will not be intended for the poorer countries of the world, but those who do not buy or do not have the right to buy American technology. The cheaper Su-57 is a severe blow to F-35, mostly since Japan, South Korea, and the EU develop future fighters. Let’s not forget the Chinese J-20, which according to some experts, even surpasses the Russian Su-57.

Episcopos also pays attention to the fighter’s new avionics. Years ago, Russia had serious problems developing it, but it has improved quality and offered new solutions in recent months. The Su-57 will be the first with AESA radar and an infrared search and tracking system. This system has one main goal in the future – to detect stealth fighters and at long distances. The Russian Su-57 is equipping with an electronic warfare system.

But perhaps one of the most significant advantages of the Russian fighter is the Okhotnik drone. We have repeatedly written about this Russian drone, most recently even posting a video showing the drone’s use as a fighter. This drone will significantly improve the efficiency of the Russian fighter by attacking hard-to-reach places. The drone and the Su-57 are autonomously connected, as we already know. Last year, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the news that the Su-57 had conducted unmanned tests. Also, the Okhotnik drone and the Su-57 have undergone actual hostilities in Syria, as we reported earlier this year.

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Whatever happens in the future, Russia is the third country to launch its future fighter jet. After the United States and China, the Russians hope to change the balance of power significantly. And maybe they will. It has recently become clear that Algeria may be one of the first countries to buy a Su-57. If this happens, the earliest time to start production of Algerian fighters expects five years later.

Russia blames Israel for the UAE’s decision not to buy Russian Su-57 fighters

The Russian news agency Avipro comes out with a short material about the United Arab Emirates’ decision not to buy the Su-57 fighters offered by Moscow, generation 4 ++ – Su-57, as we reported on December 10. According to the author of the article, Israel is mainly to blame for this decision, as Tel Aviv has put pressure on Washington to sell the F-35 to Abu Dhabi.

Aviapro uses the point that Israel does not want to worsen relations with the UAE, and if the United States does not sell them the F-35, Dubai will turn to Russia to buy the Su-57. According to the published material, the Israeli lobby has no objections to such a sale. Thus, Tel Aviv was the first to take a step to improve relations between Israel and the UAE after both countries had already signed a maritime agreement between them. Israel believes that if Washington sells the F-35 to Dubai, it will not affect Israel’s military advantage in the area.

These beliefs are because of the agreement signed years ago between Israel and the United States that the United States will not allow this advantage to be violating. This agreement means that if the United States sells fifth-generation F-35 stealth fighters to the UAE, Dubai will receive a radically different version of the – most likely “crippled” compared to Israeli fighters.

Military experts are analyzing the situation as an attempt to influence Russia, not the UAE. They recall that if, at some point, the UAE decides to buy Russian weapons, Dubai still has severe economic leverage against Washington to oppose possible sanctions by the Americans. Therefore, with Israel’s help, the UAE is facing Russia directly to cut off another channel to sell Russian weapons.

But perhaps this very thesis of the Russians is convenient for them. They are not talking about the possible superiority of Russian Su-57 over American F-35 but are looking for the cause on a political level. However, let’s not forget that despite some problems that the F-35 fighter has been facing in recent years, it remains a proven master in the air for now. The Su-57 has not yet confirmed anything. The Russian fighter jet is not even a fifth-generation fighter, but a four ++, and even in this category, it is not sure that it is the best. Su-35 fighter is a much more severe and dangerous machine for the Americans, including the F-35, as experts from Washington have repeatedly claimed.

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The Su-57 has conducted combat tests in Syria and several joint test fields with the attacking drone Okhotnik. But the Su-57 only went into series production this year, despite being a project for more than ten years. The first mass-produced fighter will appear at the end of this year. The world, like the Russians, is still unaware of the fighter’s real capabilities. The problems that the project has encountered in the last three years are worrying. The Russians claim to have removed them [engine, avionics, radar – ed.]. However, it is still unclear whether the aircraft on the “drawing” will achieve the desired characteristics and whether there will be no more severe problems.

The UAE’s decision to target the US F-35 has its severe logic. It’s about billions of dollars that are not given lightly to unknown war machines. The Su-57 will still have to prove itself in real combat conditions. On paper, it may be better than the F-35, but the F-35 has thousands of hours of experience in all parts of the world. We remind you that no F-35 fighter has been shot down so far, even after an accident with a flock of birds or a technical problem.


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