Russia is releasing its own and cheaper version of the legendary Glock pistol

MOSCOW, (BM) – For those who need a Glock, but it’s too expensive, ORSIS will release a Russian analog of the pistol – the same in terms of features, only cheaper, learned citing Popular Mechanics.

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The domestic company Promtechnology, widely known for its rifles under the ORSIS brand, will occupy another market niche. That’s why Russian experts are developing a pistol that should become a competitor to the famous Austrian family of Glock pistols.

“We are developing a pistol from polymer materials in caliber 9×19 from scratch. We expect that in 2021 we will already have a prototype. The development takes into account the operational experience of “Glocks” and “Zigzauers.” The preliminary name of the model is ORSIS S1. We hope to create something equivalent in weight, 650 grams without ammunition and the combat properties of the fifth-generation Glock pistols,” said Valeri Novoselov, CEO of the weapons development company ORSIS [part of the Industrial Technologies group of companies] to RIA Novosti.

Russian sources stated that while maintaining the characteristics of the Glock Gen. 5, a new Russian pistol will be half the price of an Austrian competitor. Sources said ORSIS weapons’ worth would cost $1.368, while the original Glock in Russia is about $2.740 without additional equipment. The time of appearance of the Russian analog of the Austrian pistol is not specified.

We will remind you that earlier, Promtechnologies started mass production of the ORSIS-AR15J carbine in the version with a caliber of 7.62×39 mm. The carbine is an analog of the American AR-15 [semi-automatic rifle with a caliber of 5.56×45 mm]. In Russia, it also received versions for the automatic caliber 7.62×39 mm and an army version with the ability to conduct automatic fire.

“Previously, we have already created rifles of the AR-15 type under the NATO 5.56 cartridge for 45 millimeters and for the Soviet machine gun 7.62 for 39 millimeters. Now our designers adapted the well-known platform for a very interesting Russian smooth-bore cartridge .366 TKM,” ORSIS said.

The .366 TKM hunting cartridge [9.5 by 38 millimeters] was developed by Tekhkrim specialists: it is designed for smooth-bore weapons having a partially rifled barrel or barrel with a threaded nozzle. According to Russian law, such a product is a cartridge for smoothbore weapons.

For the new weapons complex, ORSIS applied the so-called Lancaster drill – a type of oval-screw drill of the barrel bore for smooth-bore weapons, in which it has only two wide rifling. Their edges gradually turn into fields: due to this, the trunk channel seems not round, but oval.

As stated in ORSIS, tests of the new weapons showed accuracy comparable to the accuracy of a rifled 7.62-mm rifle. It is important to say that for the acquisition of a new complex it will not be necessary to have a five-year experience in possession of smoothbore weapons, which sharply increases the commercial potential of the product.

Today at the Moscow plant Promtechnologies produce rifles under the notorious brand ORSIS. One of the most famous weapons systems of this brand is the T-5000 sniper rifle, which has a longitudinally sliding bolt. In 2017, as part of the Precision sniper complex, it was adopted by a number of law enforcement agencies, including the FSB, FSO and the Russian Guard.

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Recall that in 2018 it became known about the adoption of the Kalashnikov AK-12 and Ak-15 Kalashnikov assault rifles and AEK-971 and AEK-973 assault rifles. And last year, there was information that the Pentagon could choose the promising RM277 rifle, which uses 6.8-mm high-power cartridges, as the small arms of the future.


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