10 years later: Russia, China, USA and Japan will hold joint naval exercises

MOSCOW, (BM) – The Russian Naval Forces ships will conduct exercises with NATO countries off Pakistan’s coast for the first time in ten years, learned BulgarianMilitary.com ciitng the Russian Black Sea Fleet statement.

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“In the exercise AMAN-2021, in addition to the ships of the Pakistani Navy and the Russian Navy, the US Navy, the Royal Navy of Great Britain, the Navy of the People’s Republic of China, the Naval Self-Defense Forces of Japan, the Navy of the Turkish Republic, the Philippine Navy, the Royal Malaysian Navy, The Sri Lankan Navy and the Indonesian Navy,” RIA Novosti quotes a message from the press service of the fleet.

The initiators of working out joint actions were the Pakistani Navy, whose territory an international exercise will take place in February 2021. Representatives of more than 30 countries confirmed their participation in the activities, of which about ten use their ship crew, and the rest send official observers. The Russian Navy will participate by a frigate, a patrol ship, a rescue tug, a Marine Corps unit, a mine clearance squad, and a sea-based helicopter.

According to the Russian fleet, the goals of the AMAN-2021 exercises are to strengthen and develop military cooperation between the participating countries in the interests of security and stability at sea and the exchange of experience between naval sailors. The last time ships of the Russian Navy operated together with NATO ships in 2011 off Spain’s coast as part of the exercise “Bold Monarch.”

Belarus and Russia announce ‘Zapad-2021’ joint military exercises

Belarus and Russia plan to conduct joint “Zapad-2021” [West-2021, Eng. – ed.] strategic exercises in September next year, as we reported on December 5. These maneuvers are carried out by both countries in a cyclical system every four years, and the last edition took place in 2017.

This information was provided by the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Army General Sergei Shoygu, during a teleconference. The head of the Russian defense ministry emphasized that the purpose of the exercises was to strengthen the Union State of Russia and Belarus’s military security. Additionally, they will also allow for comprehensive testing of the Belarusian and Russian armed forces’ efficiency and capabilities.

“I would like to point out that the strict implementation of the training plans will allow the troops to maintain a high level of combat capability and adequately respond to possible aggravations of the military and political situation.” That announces the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Army General Sergei Shoigu.

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Simultaneously, the Russian defense ministry has announced that it will continue preparations for the next edition of the International Military Games. The latest edition will include two new competitions – one in the field of military tactical shooting and Meridian for military topographers. The nationwide competition is to introduce a match for the deployment of a field hospital.

The last edition of these exercises, i.e., Zapad-2017, took place on September 14-20, 2017, at six training grounds in Belarus and three in Russia. According to official information, 12,700 soldiers and 700 units of equipment from both countries took part in them. Unofficially, however, as many as 90-100,000 soldiers and thousands of heavy military equipment could take part in these exercises. As part of these maneuvers, the Belarusian and Russian armies tested such capabilities as massive air and missile strikes, rapid troop transfers, joint operations, joint air defense, unconventional operations, the use of weapons of mass destruction, and information operations.

Each edition of these exercises and the scope of tasks carried out as part of them are of substantial concern to the Western neighbors of both these countries, especially those from the eastern flank of NATO and the entire North Atlantic Alliance. For this reason, they are closely watched and followed by the international community due to the potential risk of taking actions destabilizing the situation in Central and Eastern Europe.

Pentagon is deploying troops in Taiwan for an upcoming large-scale exercise

An upcoming exercise between US Marines and Taiwanese troops is set to take place in the coming weeks, according to information from several online media outlets in Taiwan as we reported in November.

This military exercise is significant for the region and the country, given that diplomatic relations between the two countries have been at a rather mediocre level in recent decades, given the bad relations between America and Taiwan dating back to 1979.

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According to the information provided by the local media, the US troops will conduct a number of consecutive trainings to their Taiwanese colleagues, especially in the field of tactical attacks on vessels, boats and ships, etc. The exercise itself will take place at Taiwan’s Tsoying Naval Base in Kaohsiung.

In 2018, the United States and Taiwan began to significantly improve their diplomatic relations, which, as we have said, were frozen since 1979. The United States passed a law allowing its citizens to travel to the Far East, and in late 2019 the two countries resumed and their relationships at the consular level. Earlier this year (in March – ed.), The administration of US President Donald Trump prepared, presented and helped sign the TAIPEI law, which aims to include America’s partners in supporting the Taiwanese state and strengthen if so far they have not done so, the relationship with the island nation.

Improved U.S.-Taiwan relations have been marked significantly at the military level, with the Pentagon and its adjoining trade units announcing significant sales of U.S. military equipment in Taipei this year, including fighter jets, drones, missile systems and a variety of missiles. and many other deals directly related to Taiwan’s defense. The United States stands firmly behind Taiwan, sending clear signals and warnings to Beijing that the island nation receives full support from the US government and will continue to arm the Taiwanese military.

The Taiwanese government, on the other hand, is also sending positive signals to the world that the United States and Taiwan have opened a new page in their relationship and that it relies on the US government to continue to approve future military deals. Taiwan is trying to ensure security both on its territory and civilians, and in the region. On the other hand, such deals will support joint military co-operation in the field of surveillance and intelligence, strengthening defense capabilities and ensuring peace.

Some Taiwanese media are beginning to write about another possibility thanks to good relations, and that is the deployment of a permanent US troop presence in Taiwan to have a deterrent effect on a possible attempt by China to take military action against the island nation.

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