Russia has developed ‘smart’ ammunition using artificial intelligence

MOSCOW, (BM) – Russia’s arms concern Rostec issued an official press release saying the company had already developed “smart” ammunition. According to the information provided, the ammunition will now easily reach its target, overcoming various enemy electronic means. The company expressed confidence that the new “smart” ammunition meets the current combat conditions, learned, citing the information provided.

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Dozens of Russian electronic and print media rushed to spread the news. However, they distort the truth because they are talking about created ammunition with artificial intelligence. This shared information by the Russian media is not accurate. “The Rostec State Corporation’s Techmash Research and Production Concern has developed a new software and analytical complex for” smart “ammunition. The product will improve the accuracy of hitting targets in the face of countermeasures against electronic warfare,” the statement said.

The company’s industrial director, Bekhan Ozdoev, said in a statement that the idea of ​​the Russian engineers was to make the filling of the specific ammunition invulnerable to the enemy’s electronic warfare systems. He also claims that their ammunition is better than its Western counterparts, especially in radio interference’s strength and effectiveness.

A local company specializing in radar systems and avionics for ammunition also participated in the project—the company called NIIEP.

The Russian company Rostek is a state-owned company. More than 800 Russian scientific and research organizations are scattering in 60 regions of Russia under her leadership. In the defense industry, Rostek is a leading Russian manufacturer in aircraft construction and radar systems. The company also participates in the “Smart City” project by supplying developed technologies. Rostek is involved in the digitalization of the Russian economy’s production facilities, the 5G network’s construction, the Industrial Internet of Things, blockchain, and data systems. The Russian company cooperates on various projects with Boeing, Airbus, Daimler, Pirelli, Renault, and others.

The company’s official statement on “smart” ammunition does not specify the weapons that will use them but only mentions that they intend for “use in defense and offensive weapons systems.”

Russia prepares to use artificial intelligence electronic warfare systems

As we reported in April this year the Russian armed forces are preparing for mass deliveries of Bylin electronic warfare systems (EW), which are controlled by artificial intelligence. Parts and connections will receive a unique system by 2025.

“Bylina” without the participation of operators in real time can analyze the situation, find and classify goals. After that, the system will determine by what means it is better to suppress or destroy communications equipment and other enemy equipment.

Experts note that the use of such complexes will significantly increase the effectiveness of electronic warfare equipment on the battlefield. The Ministry of Defense has already approved plans to supply the troops with the latest electronic warfare systems, sources in the military department told Izvestia. All Bylins will be stationed in army units by 2025. Now in every military district there is an electronic warfare brigade, and fleets include special separate centers. Details regarding the staffing structure of these military units are not disclosed.

It is only known that the staff of each brigade has, as a rule, four battalions and one company. They are designed to suppress aviation, communications and control systems, as well as space assets hundreds of kilometers away. It is these parts that Bylina should strengthen. The new complexes will increase the effectiveness of the use of electronic warfare equipment by 40–50%, Viktor Murakhovsky, editor-in-chief of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine, told Izvestia.

“The modern information space of the battlefield is saturated with electronic equipment – both ours and the enemy,” he said. “We are talking about drones, communications, radar. In such a situation, it is important to suppress enemy electronics, and at the same time not to disturb your own. In manual mode, it is very difficult to accurately take into account all the nuances of the process. “Bylina” just helps in this”.

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The system uses elements of artificial intelligence. Based on the available information, EW system decides what electronic warfare means, according to which scheme, at what frequencies and with what power, should be used against particular targets. If necessary, “Bylina” in real time makes changes to the operation of individual components, the expert noted.

Elements of artificial intelligence allow you to take into account many variable factors. As a result, where a person needs time to think and do additional calculations, the machine will instantly make a decision.


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