Iran will abandon the idea of its own nuclear weapon, Russia believes

MOSCOW, (BM) – The assassination of Iranian scientist Mohsen Fahrizade will not force Tehran to return to the idea of ​​military development in the nuclear field. Rajab Safarov, the Director General of the Center for Modern Iran’s Study, expressed a similar opinion, learned

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“Iran is not seeking to develop nuclear technology for military purposes. However, many believe that Tehran secretly intends to follow the example of North Korea. Technologically in terms of scientific potential and access to the necessary materials, Iran has long been able to develop a nuclear weapon. The most important thing is that the Iranian leadership does not set itself such a task,” Safarov told Interfax on Tuesday.

According to the Iranian expert, there is no reason to expect that Tehran will decide to take a course to create a nuclear warhead. “I believe that such a decision will not be made. The Iranian leadership sees no effect on the possession of nuclear weapons, especially since military programs will require a huge amount of money, the diversion of a large number of specialists, and the potential to develop appropriate technologies,” the source said.

In turn, the Iranian scientist’s physical elimination is likely to be one of the points in the most complex and multi-stage strategy to change the political regime in Iran, the analyst said.

“The main goal of the United States, which fits into the interests of Israel and some Gulf monarchies, is to change the political regime in Iran. Who exactly is behind the assassination of a scientist is another matter. But the assassination itself fits into the big strategy directed against Iran,” he said. Safarov.

According to him, the nature of the provocations against Tehran is that they are hardly within the power of any state or a separate exceptional service. “It is logical to assume that these are coordinated actions between the United States, Israel, and the Gulf monarchies, as well as the special services of several European countries. These provocations aimed at involving Iran in the conflict, forcing Tehran to take hefty military measures. Then, with the media’s help, Iran presents itself as an aggressor, with whom regular dialogue is impossible. Then, with proper treatment of Western public opinion, they can start talking about striking dozens of the most important military facilities in Iran,” said the Iranian scientist.

Saudi Arabia urged the world to stop Iran’s nuclear and missile programs

As we reported on November 12 the Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud called to the world leaders and public to take a “decisive stance” on Iran’s efforts to develop nuclear weapons and missile programs.

“The Kingdom stresses the danger of Iran’s regional project, its interference in the affairs of other countries, the promotion of terrorism, fueling the flames of sectarianism, and calls on the international community to take a decisive position towards Iran, guaranteeing a decisive end to its efforts to obtain weapons of mass destruction and the development of its ballistic missile program,” said the king at a meeting of the country’s Advisory Council.

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This was the monarch’s first public appearance since his September speech at the UN General Assembly via video link, where he also criticized Tehran. Saudi Arabia and Iran have been fighting for years for influence in the region, supporting warring parties in conflicts from Syria to Yemen. So far, there has been no reaction from Iran to the king’s statements.

Iran has lifted a number of restrictions on its nuclear program under the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan, which the Six signed in 2015, in response to the US withdrawal from the agreement in 2018 and its restoration of the sanctions regime against the Islamic Republic.


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