Next Pentagon chief: ‘We are capable of sinking the Chinese fleet in 72 hours’

BEIJING, (BM) – The US presidential election is over and in January 2021, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take over the “reins” of American democracy for the next four years. A new name for the Pentagon chief has been announced since now.

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It is about Michèle Flournoy, who may be the first woman leader of the US Army in the history of the country. If she is appointed, won’t the Democrats in the United States also apply for the next President of the United States in the person of Kamala Harris? We will see? closely monitors the actions of the possible new head of the Pentagon. Recently, she made a comment that stirred the spirits in China. According to Ms. Flournoy, the US Navy in the South China Sea could destroy the entire available Chinese fleet within 72 hours. The Chinese daily South China Morning Post quotes Michèle Flournoy as saying, “China will have to think three times before trying to face the US Navy in the South China Sea <… > in the South China Sea, the US Navy has the ability to sink the Chinese fleet for 72 o’clock”

Michèle Flournoy is no stranger to the military. Until four years ago, she was the Deputy Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs in the administration of the 44th US President Barack Obama. Today, according to many military analysts, including Amarek’s largest online military site, Defense News, Michèle Flournoy is one of the main contenders for the Pentagon’s leadership, and if that happens, Biden will lead the country in a completely different direction.

Of course, on the Chinese side, Michèle Flournoy’s words are nothing more than “empty Amarek talk” and political rhetoric aimed at strengthening her influence over the next administration and leading to her election as Pentagon chief. The Chinese edition of the South China Morning Post says, “Not only Michèle Flournoy’s words, but similar actions by the US Navy in the South China Sea are unfeasible.”

Chinese media do not miss the opportunity to recall that Ms. Flournoy has a different opinion regarding North Korea, where she has repeatedly stated that the United States should oppose the growth of North Koreans in the military industry, even if necessary by force.

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China to US: We’ve got enough military power

The Chinese army has enough strength, means and determination to defend the country’s sovereignty, to prevent Taiwan’s declaration of independence and foreign interference in the internal affairs of the PRC, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang said in September this year.

“The People’s Liberation Army of China has a strong will, full confidence and sufficient capabilities to suppress the intervention of external forces and separatist acts aimed at proclaiming Taiwan independence, resolutely uphold the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country,” he stressed at a briefing.

A Chinese military spokesman warned: “Those who play with fire may end up burning themselves.” This is how Ren Guoqiang commented on the announcement made by the Taiwanese administration yesterday [September 17 – ed.] that US Deputy Head of State Kate Krach will pay a visit to Taiwan on September 17-19.

A spokesman for the PRC Ministry of Defense noted that “Taiwan is a sacred and integral part of Chinese territory,” and the Taiwan issue belongs to the category of China’s internal affairs.

He said that on Friday, China will begin military exercises near Taiwan. According to him, “These are legal and necessary actions aimed at preserving the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state in the current situation with Taiwan.”

On the eve, China protested to the United States in connection with Krach’s Taiwan visit. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Thursday, “This is a violation of the One China Principle and damages Sino-American relations, peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.” He said Beijing was calling on Washington to immediately end all official contacts with Taipei. Otherwise, China reserves the right to retaliate.

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