New head of the Pentagon is talking about a fast return of troops home

WASHINGTON, (BM) – Will the new (p.o) US Secretary of Defense accelerate the withdrawal of US armed forces from Afghanistan, as will and announcements of President Donald Trump, or will he be another official of the current administration pointing to a more cautious approach to such strategic decisions? On Saturday, Christopher Miller’s first communiqué regarding the possibility of reducing the presence of US armed forces appeared, learned citing Defence24.

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The acting Secretary of Defense of the United States was to indicate that the return of American soldiers to their homes from the areas of many years of Washington’s wars should be accelerated. This kind of signal was due from Christopher Miller on Saturday, when he made his first remarks to the armed forces after Donald Trump nominated the dismissed Mark Esper as successor.

The aforementioned Miller was supposed to emphasize that the United States is not a nation striving to conduct continuous military operations, as it is contrary to American values. Therefore, now, in his opinion, when the tasks set for the military personnel from the United States have been completed, the soldiers should be withdrawn home.

Of course, the words of the said member of the presidential administration were linked directly to the US military presence in Afghanistan and Iraq. This withdrawal of forces from both of these zones of long-term armed conflicts was announced by Donald Trump himself from the beginning of his presidency. And Christopher Miller was named by Donald Trump as Acting Secretary of Defense on November 9 this year, and he immediately pointed out that he too, like many others in the United States, is tired of endless armed conflicts.

Moreover, Afghanistan and Iraq were not mentioned directly. It has been suggested, however, that it could be actions aimed at al-Qaeda, and that this should translate into actions in Afghanistan (and Iraqi). Moreover, the aforementioned Christopher Miller was supposed to point out that the United States is currently in a critical phase of transition from missions to the role of supporting the efforts of individual states in ensuring security and counter-terrorism activities. By ceasing to be directly in command of this kind of action.

The acting chief of the Pentagon emphasized that the war with al-Qaeda itself was not over, but the Americans are somehow on the verge of breaking up the structure responsible for the 9/11 attacks and the announcement by George W. Bush Jr. Global War on Terror (GWOT). Christopher Miller is to believe that the United States should not make a strategic mistake by withdrawing completely from the fight without completing the struggle.

Donald Trump himself emphasized on Twitter that he wants American soldiers to return home before Christmas. However, national security advisor Robert O’Brien later had to specify that the president’s tweet was merely an expression of desire. US troops in Afghanistan will be reduced to 2,500 by the beginning of 2021, but it will not be possible to fully evacuate military personnel. The American media also emphasizes that the adviser to the head of the Pentagon is Col. Douglas MacGregor, a well-known advocate of the rapid and rapid reduction of the American military presence abroad. As you can tell, the situation may be highly dynamic until January 20, especially since Donald Trump himself does not intend to assume the position of the so-called lame duck and expect only a smooth transfer of power to the new administration.

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