China may buy Su-57s, but will use them for other purposes, the United States said

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – The United States finds logic in a possible purchase from Beijing of a Russian Su-57 fighter, although the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has a very good, and in some cases more successful aircraft than the Russians, writes American journalist Mark Episkopos in his article, learned

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Mark believes that Beijing needs to improve the design of its J-20 and Su-57 is perhaps the right solution for this. The two fighters have completely different functionality and that is why they are very different from each other. The J-20 is designed to be used as a “sting” by Chinese pilots – a fast-flying fighter that must evade enemy air defenses and fulfill its mission by targeting enemy critical units. The Su-57 actually follows the long-standing philosophy of the Russian aircraft industry – a fighter that must have superiority in the air when confronted with another fighter.

This is how things are presented, the Su-57 and the J-20 can easily exist in the same market. But Beijing will try to improve its aircraft research, and the Su-57 may be the answer. Ie a study and analysis of the functionality and design of the Russian Su-57 would allow Beijing to improve its work in the field of serial production process, as well as the design of the next generation of J-20. Also in America, it is suggested that the Chinese may use the Russian aircraft to improve the training process in the tests of new Chinese fighters.

The chances of China acquiring the Russian Su-57 fighter are high. The signals are many. On the Russian side, Moscow has recently decided to offer this fighter on the international markets in the future. Serial production of the Su-57 has now begun and by the end of the year the first aircraft produced will leave the production line. even announced that he would be put on combat duty in Russia’s Western Military District in response to NATO “threats”.

At the same time, China has already signed and bought another Russian fighter, and according to many military analysts – better than the Su-57. It is about 24 Su-35s, and there is even a real possibility that Beijing will want to buy more from this really impressive fighter. Now it really remains for Beijing to decide whether to really increase the number of its Su-35s or redirect funds for the purchase of the Su-57.

Russia would be happy if Beijing chose the second fighter. Moscow has no reason to launch large-scale mass production of the Su-57 for its aerospace forces. But Russia would benefit greatly if it could immediately find a serious external customer, such as China, to open the doors of the Russian machine to other potential customers by signing a major deal. Ie Although, on a market basis, there is no logic in Moscow’s attempts to launch a quick sale of the Su-57, this move could prove successful for the Russian military production complex. Especially with regard to India, which is watching with interest whether these initial “waves of interest” from Beijing will not influence New Delhi to do exactly the same.

This brings us to the second reason why Moscow is trying to launch its product quickly – the financial one. If Russia quickly signs a contract to sell the Su-57 to China, it will provide financial security for the Su-57 project and make it a good start-up financial platform for future generations of fighters. Russia has invested heavily in developing, testing and upgrading Russia’s “criminal” fighter jet, so it needs a return.

It only remains to be decided what China will buy. Whether the base model of the Su-57 or Su-57E, which is the export model, but still do not know what are the real differences between the two fighters. Perhaps these answers will come at the next military exhibition in Dubai, where the appearance of the Russian Su-57 is expected with interest.

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