Top 5 largest aircraft carriers in the world

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Any state, possessing the status of a sea power, strives for the permanent presence of the country’s flag in the World Ocean. This is an indicator of power, prosperity, supremacy, significance and weight of the state. That is why the greatest attention has long been given to equipping the fleet, and it is understandable that any country strives to win the palm in the presence of warships, which are considered the largest in the world.

5. Krechet (274 m), Russia

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Heavy aircraft carriers (there are four of them) are the result of a project of aircraft-carrying anti-submarine cruisers. Each individually launched vessel represents a different stage of evolution. The first ship “Kiev” belonged to the TAKR class with the functions of an aircraft carrier and was classified as an anti-submarine cruiser with aircraft equipment, as a result of the transformations it became a heavy ship. An identical aircraft carrier is the Minsk. On the basis of the two first-borns, the battleship “Novosibirsk” was developed, which has significant design differences. The vessel dares to be 274 meters long. Today it is part of the Indian Navy. The site can accommodate about 40 air units and a crew of over a thousand people, which makes it one of the largest warships.

4. Admiral Kuznetsov (306 m), Russia

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Today the aircraft carrier is one of the largest military vessels, an aircraft carrier, and the flagship of the country’s Northern Fleet. The main task of the aircraft carrier is to protect the maritime borders of the state, if necessary, military aircraft can rise from the cruiser to hit the intended targets. “Admiral Kuznetsov” is capable of striking the enemy’s naval forces. He has cruise missiles and various paramilitary complexes at his disposal. Able to provide space for 40 air units. The length of the vessel is over 306 m, the staff is 2000 people. Today it has been put under scheduled repairs in the place of permanent deployment.

3. Shandong (315 m), China

China already has the world's second-largest aircraft carrier
Photo credit: Military Watch Magazine

While the Liaoning was initially laid down as a Kuznetsov Class carrier at the Soviet Union’s Black Sea Shipyard, and was later completed and outfitted in China, the Shandong represents the first carrier to be laid down in China itself – a fully indigenous warship. Although the Shandong can carry eight more aircraft than the Liaoning, both carriers displace approximately 70,000 tons – giving the PLA Navy’s active carrier fleet a displacement of 140,000 tons.

The Shandong further improves on the design with a broader flight deck, a redesigned bridge and island with more powerful radars, and an increased capacity for aircraft. The Shandong can carry 44 aircraft.

2. USS Nimitz (333 m), the US

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Typical aircraft carriers, which are US military equipment, are considered the largest representatives of naval technology. They are capable of accommodating up to 86 units of aviation equipment, AWACS aircraft. The dimensions are impressive – 332 m in length, it can store ammunition weighing about two tons. Accommodates 3200 crew members without the number of the air wing. Today there are 10 aircraft carriers in the service of the American Navy.

The military giant is able to transport 90 aircraft at the same time. The service life of each of the ten vessels is at least 50 years. Compared to other aircraft carriers, the design of the Nimitz has not undergone any major changes. One of the largest warships of this type is worth about 4.5 billion dollars.

1. USS Enterprise (342 m), the US

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The nuclear powered aircraft carrier, a prominent representative of the United States Navy, is rightfully considered the largest warship in the world. Stunning technical characteristics – over 342 meters in length, sailing for 400 thousand miles, with a crew of 3325 people, of which 150 are senior command personnel, 175 are middle command personnel and 2700 are privates. The air wing has about 2,000 flight and maintenance personnel.

The battleship has repeatedly participated in military conflicts, went to sea 25 times. The aircraft carrier is constantly armed with 60 aircraft, it can accept 90, launchers, ammunition storage. In 2017, the US Navy held a farewell ceremony for the decommissioning of its titan USS Enterprise, which served 55 years. This was the first time such a procedure was carried out in the history of the American Navy. It is planned to install its superstructure on the coast and create a memorial.

The warship has long been an instrument of politics, its main weapon. In this, a significant role is assigned to its aesthetic perfection and appearance. Over the past centuries, thousands of ships, most beautiful in terms of design and amazing in monumentality and power, have been launched. But everyone has their own ideas about the beauty of warships.

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