OSCE calls Trump’s allegations of election irregularities unfounded

WASHINGTON, (BM) – The head of the OSCE observation mission in the US presidential elections called the statements of the incumbent President Donald Trump about violations during the elections unfounded, learned BulgarianMilitary.com. Trump’s actions “undermine public confidence in democratic institutions,” according to a statement posted on the organization’s website.

The head of the mission also called the voting “tough and competitive” and stressed that the elections “were held in an extremely polarized political atmosphere, fueled by the aggressive rhetoric of the candidates.” In addition, the OSCE expressed concern about “attempts to limit the count of legally cast ballots in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and the expansion of the practice of voting by mail.”

We will remind, on the eve of the President of the United States Republican Donald Trump said that the Democrats are trying to manipulate votes in several states, including Pennsylvania.

The presidential elections and the integrity of the US electoral system were damaged. This statement was made by President Donald Trump on his Twitter microblog. At the same time, Trump’s headquarters filed a lawsuit in the state court of Georgia demanding to stop the counting of votes, reports AP. Lawsuits have also been filed to suspend counting in Michigan and Pennsylvania due to alleged lack of access to tracking the count. In addition, Trump’s representatives are demanding a recount of votes in the key state of Wisconsin.

In turn, the personal lawyer of the US President Rudy Giuliani called the counting of votes in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) “absolutely illegal” and promised to look for “dead souls”. We will remind, on Tuesday in the USA presidential elections were held. The voting results in a number of states have not yet been finalized; at the moment, according to preliminary estimates, Democrat Joe Biden is gaining 264 electoral votes out of the required 270, Trump – 214. At the same time, on Wednesday night, Trump announced his victory and accused the Democrats of trying “Steal elections”.

Joe Biden with a slim lead in Nevada that could give him enough electoral votes to win the White House

Election day in the United States is long over, but so far the final results in some key states for Democrats and Republicans remain unclear, learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing CNN and some local independent sources.

One of those states is Nevada, which could eventually play a key role in electing the future 46th president of the United States. Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden currently has a very small lead over US President and presidential candidate Ronald Trump. At least that’s what the early results of the state’s final vote show, with voters still counting.

According to a senior Nevada state official, more specific and accurate data will be released early Thursday morning, making the race quite unpredictable, given that it is not yet known what the final vote of the American voter in Arizona and Pennsylvania will be.

What is known so far is that the results that are currently being announced or published by the media are not complete because they do not include the votes of Americans sent by mail, received either on election day or later.
The State Electoral Service has confirmed that it is currently unable to confirm how many ballots sent to its voters will be returned by mail, again making predicting results in Nevada very difficult at this stage.

No Republican presidential candidate has won the Nevada election since 2004, but analysts and political scientists say the state remains a battleground in the current presidential election, and both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have a real chance. to win the Nevada citizens’ vote. Just a few hours ago, the SNN announced that new votes had arrived in the mail, which had an advantage over incumbent President Donald Trump, allowing Trump to narrow the gap with Joe Biden and exacerbate the race in Nevada.

However, all analysts take into account the fact that at the moment in Nevada the turnout is higher by at least 1 million votes since 2016 due to the possibility to vote by mail. The statements of the officials of the two leading and competing parties leak contradictory messages. According to Joe Weaver, who is leading Donald Trump’s re-election in Nevada, he says he has seen many cases of Democrats moving away from the party and preferring to vote for Trump in recent days and on election day. Republicans have a minimum of 60 field employees who are actively involved in supporting the campaign in the region, which is almost twice as many as four years ago.

However, Democrats have a tradition in the state and have sent at least 100 employees to help Biden’s campaign to help the party activate the voting network. 49-year-old Republican Shannon Delugo-Owen, who voted early in person for Trump at the southern polling station in Las Vegas, said she did not think the president should be to blame for the coronavirus and its aftermath. “I believe he is fighting for our country. “Our economy was fantastic,” Delugo-Owen said.

Renault resident Maria Ochoa, a 38-year-old bank employee who waited in a 90-minute line on Friday, said she wanted to vote for Biden earlier and believed Trump was not up to par with her Spanish community. “I feel he has done a good job of people coming out and being openly racist and expressing those feelings openly,” she said. “Biden and Harris seem to be more of a community.”


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