Australia buys 200 Javelin anti-tank guided missiles from the United States

WASHINGTON, (BM) – Javelin anti-tank guided missile systems are perhaps one of the most famous missiles of this type. Their fame is mainly due to their unique characteristics and abilities in direct combat and the ability to hit enemy armored vehicles and tanks, with great efficiency and accuracy.

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For this reason, a number of countries are willing to own these anti-tank missile systems. Australia will become one of these countries because it has made a formal request to buy them, and it has recently become clear that the United States will make this deal, learned The information comes from the Pentagon’s largest arms broker, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), which announced that the US-Australia deal worth nearly $ 46 million had been approved by the US State Department.

According to information spread by the DSCA, Australia will receive for this price not only the ordered 200 anti-tank missiles, but also technical assistance, which will be aimed at supporting the current and future maintenance of Javelin missiles. Transportation costs and logistics are also included in the price of the deal between the two countries.

As always, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency offers the sale of American weapons technology only after analyzing the political and military situation in the area where the client is. That is why this sale from the United States to Australia was made thanks to the analytical statement that these 200 Javelin anti-tank missiles will not tip the scales of the military balance in the region and will support US national security and Washington’s goals in the region.

The DSCA continues, saying in a statement that Australia and its military need these missiles because there is a shortage at the moment and the military in the Pacific must continue to be combat-ready. According to a number of military experts, Australia would not have any difficulties in the process of properly absorbing Javelin anti-tank missiles.

The modernized American Javelin anti-tank missile is deadly to Russian tanks

According to the American Internet resource Warrior Maven, military designers at the end of 2019 developed a new ammunition kit for the FGM-148 Javelin. In addition to increasing the effective range of the target’s destruction to 4,500 m and a more powerful warhead charge, the updated Javelins will receive the latest generation’s optics and autonomous capture system, which will make it possible to use the complex for firing at night or in conditions of poor visibility.

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The system will also use more advanced technologies for detecting, aiming, capturing and holding targets, reports In addition, detecting a soldier firing from the Javelin will be virtually impossible. The latest improvement will make Javelin even more deadly for Russian tanks. The last important factor that the American Javelin anti-tank system will acquire is its weight reduction of about 30%. At the moment, the weight of the equipped FGM-148 Javelin complex is 22.3 kg with an effective target range of up to 2.5 km.

The Russian-made Kornet-E mobile anti-tank complex can hit a target from a distance of 5.5 km, reports However, he can do this only in conditions of good visibility. In addition, the Russian anti-tank missile system has an equipped weight of 55 kg, which, in comparison with Javelin, clearly does not add mobility to the domestic portable missile system on the battlefield.

How the ATGM Javelin FGM-148 works?

ATGM Javelin FGM-148 – 3rd generation anti-tank complex. It works on the principle of fire and forget. It is enough for the operator to aim and launch the rocket, then he can change the position, the rocket itself attacks the target. The firing process is performed in the following order of guidance:

  • The operator makes identification and target lock.
  • Pressing the button again makes the approach to the target
  • After aiming the crosshair and capturing the Rocket Homing Head (GOS), the rocket is launched.

The Javelin FGM-148 missile has two types of attack:

  • at an angle of 45 degrees, from above into the less protected upper part of the tank
  • direct attack in the horizontal plane.

Rocket attack mode from above is set in the complex by default. In some cases, to attack fortified positions, it is advisable to switch to the horizontal attack mode. The rocket starts from the installation using the starting engine, then the main engine is turned on and the altitude climbs, depending on the rocket mode: 50 or 150 meters.

The defeat of the tank occurs with a cumulative projectile and a high-explosive action of exactly 2 parts of the rocket. [1 part – cumulative, 2 part – high-explosive]. Since the attack falls on the upper part of the tank, the destruction of the crew by secondary fragments from the armor will not be enough [the thickness of the armor is small]. Manpower is hit by a wave of overpressure of several tens of atmospheres when 2 parts of a rocket shell are detonated.

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