Top 5 most powerful nuclear bombs in the world

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – In the middle of the last century, the Americans used atomic bombs against Japan for the first time. From that moment on, the world became different. There is a real danger of the destruction of our civilization. The leading world powers began to accumulate nuclear bombs in their arsenals. Politicians have a new term – nuclear deterrence.

Today, stockpiles of atomic weapons have become so dangerous that people all over the world are talking about the need for nuclear disarmament. And although in a real war, nuclear weapons were never used again, the creation and testing of atomic bombs continues to this day. This article reviews the five most powerful nuclear bombs in the world.

5. Castle Romeo (11 megatons)

Top 5 most powerful nuclear bombs in the world-cstle romeo
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In 1954, the United States began a series of nuclear tests under the Castle Project. It was then that the most powerful American atomic bombs were created and tested. In March of the same year, a new Romeo bomb with a capacity of 11 megatons of TNT analogue was tested. Such an indicator of energy release allowed it to take the fifth place among the world’s largest atomic bombs.

This destructive product was blown up in the open ocean on a sea barge. The United States simply has no islands left to test nuclear weapons. The explosion destroyed all life within a radius of 2 square meters. miles.

4. Ivy Mike (12 megatons)

Top 5 most powerful nuclear bombs in the world-ivy mike
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Testing this device has shown that the Ivy Mike is ranked fourth on our list of the most powerful nuclear bombs in the world. This is the first test of a new type of bomb based on the principle of thermonuclear fusion.

With a capacity of 12 megatons, this eerie product completely destroyed the island of Elugelab, causing a mushroom 37 km high. The size of the hat was estimated at 160 km. In a two-kilometer crater 50 meters deep, which remained on the site of the island, large quantities of ensteinium and fermium were first discovered. The documentary filmed during the trial was shown on television.

3. Castle Yankee (13.5 megatons)

Top 5 most powerful nuclear bombs in the world
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At that time, the United States dreamed of making a small bomb, but with a lot of power. A prototype of such a device was created as part of the Castle test series. It was named Castle Yankee. After the test, it turned out that the explosion power was more than 13 megatons. This placed Castle Yankee in the third place in the ranking of the most powerful nuclear bombs in the world. A mushroom mshroom with a height of more than 40 km and a hat diameter of more than 16 km, created a radiation cloud, which reached the capital of Mexico within 4 days.

2. Castle Bravo (15 megatons)

Top 5 most powerful nuclear bombs in the world-castle-bravo
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The cylindrical device weighing 10 tons, which had a length of about 5 meters, became the second nuclear weapon in the United States and in the world. The bomb was designed so that it could be transported by plane.

Tests within the Castle project began with this particular product. In March 1954, a bomb was detonated in the region of the long-suffering Bikini Atoll. The height of the nuclear mushroom was 40 km, reaching a cap diameter of 100 km. The energy release of the device during the explosion was twice the calculated power. Experts have estimated it at 15 megatons. The consequences of the explosion and the subsequent radioactive contamination were dire. A two-kilometer crater remained on the seabed. Scientists who watched the tests on Rongerik Atoll, 240 kilometers from the explosion, had to be urgently evacuated.

The ships of many countries were exposed to radioactive contamination, which caused a negative reaction from the international community. After this test, the norms of international law in ensuring safety during nuclear tests were revised.

1. Tsar Bomb (58 megatons)

Top 5 most powerful nuclear bombs in the world-tsar bomb
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Tsar Bomba (AN602) is the most powerful nuclear bomb in the world. In the mid-sixties, Soviet nuclear scientists headed by Academician I.V. created this thermonuclear bomb. Let’s deservedly put it in first place in our rating. The Soviet Union was able to close the gap with the United States in the field of nuclear weapons in the shortest possible time. Over time, the USSR took the lead in this dubious competition.

“Tsar Bombu” or “Kuz’kina’s Mother” – this is how the device was later called – was tested in 1961 at a test site built on the island of Novaya Zemlya. An eight-meter bomb was dropped from a Tu-95M aircraft at an altitude of 10 km. Then the device was lowered by parachute. Having reached the design altitude of 4000 meters, the charge was activated. The measured power exceeded 58 megatons. This significantly exceeded the calculated value. Scientific evidence was obtained that a thermonuclear bomb cannot be limited in power.

The mushroom cloud has reached 67 km. The double cap characteristic of a thermonuclear bomb had a diameter of 95 km. The effect of the nuclear explosion was felt by people at a distance of 1000 km. Echo flew to Dixon Island, 800 km from the test site.

The main result of the tests is that they launched the negotiations on a worldwide nuclear test ban. More than 100 countries have signed this agreement.

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