Israeli micro-tactical drone system Ninox may help in war or everyday life

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – The Israeli company SpearUAV has developed an unmanned aerial vehicle, placed in a special capsule, through which it takes off into the air, similar to the process of launching signal flares or decorative fireworks, learned Such a microdron design should provide an opportunity for each infantry soldier to conduct operational reconnaissance of the situation on the battlefield to make a decision on subsequent actions.

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The Ninox family of drones, according to the company’s website, was designed primarily to provide the end user with the most efficient way to achieve immediate tactical superiority in today’s chaotic theater of war. In this case, we are talking about a personal, personal apparatus. According to reports, these devices can also be used by law enforcement officials without the need for additional specialized equipment in the performance of their duties.

It is worth recalling the forerunner of the new microdrones under the Ninox 40 brand – back in 2018, the Black Hornet microdrones presented by FLIR, the smallest unmanned aerial vehicles in the world at that time, appeared at the Eurosatory international exhibition of weapons and military equipment in Paris.

One of the modifications of the Hornets line is a small handheld micro-helicopter developed by the Norwegian company Prox Dynamics (now merged with FLIR) and intended for use in reconnaissance purposes by military personnel, security and security personnel and other government agencies. Another modification is known as the PRS Black Hornet personal reconnaissance system. This system, which is part of a soldier’s outfit, consists of two micro-helicopters, a storage container with a charger, a control panel and a working tablet for planning operations and receiving information from a surveillance camera built into the microdron. The weight of the equipment does not exceed 1.5 kilograms.

A distinctive feature of the Ninox 40 version of the Israeli portable drone is its compactness and launch method. The designers managed to place it in a small tube, similar in size to that used for storing and transporting blueprints, but, as it turned out, quite suitable for signal flares fired by hand in certain circumstances. Like them, the unmanned aerial vehicle is easily launched into the air. Thanks to the original “launch complex”, pocket drones Ninox 40 can become as easy to use as an electric flashlight attached to the military equipment.

With a laptop-based activation system designed for all occasions, the Ninox 40 microdrones can now be used in a wide variety of situations and by all kinds of users. According to SpearUAV, this can be, for example, the police when performing tasks related to public safety, ensuring order at processions, demonstrations, protests. The usefulness of microdrones is also obvious for penitentiary services, border guards and security services, for example, for protecting strategic infrastructure facilities and during the transportation of important goods, as well as escorting VIPs.

The design of the “personal drone” was based on the solutions used by the entire family of Ninox unmanned aerial vehicles. Like the tactical microdrones Ninox 40 [“helicopters”], the portable version of the Ninox 40 does not require special and lengthy user training. After launch, the drone remains at a predetermined standard height without the need for operator intervention, the location of which can be hidden.

The capsule with the unmanned aerial vehicle weighs no more than 250 grams, so its transportation presents no problems. The design of the launcher itself is so simple that it can be used immediately without the need for any preparatory steps.

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The tactical features of using a microdron are no less important. The sensors installed on it allow you to perform all the tasks that can be assigned to a reconnaissance group or a single soldier: observation, target detection, target designation and reconnaissance, both day and night. Please note that Ninox 40 can remain airborne for more than 40 minutes.

SpearUAV is not yet making far-reaching plans for the use of its devices, offering them only to law enforcement agencies. However, a handheld drone could be a real breakthrough when it comes to personal unmanned systems. If the company manages to reduce the price accordingly and present a civilian version of its invention, hand-launched light drones can help almost anyone with an urgent need for situational awareness. This can be, for example, foresters controlling hard-to-reach sections of thickets, fire brigades operating in remote areas, railway workers exercising operational control along the tracks of trains … And equipping microdrones with SOS signal transmitters can help downed pilots or those in distress at sea – all depends on the demands of the military, civilian and government organizations.


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