Iran could deliver long-range missiles to Venezuela, the US promised to destroy them

WASHINGTON, (BM) – The American television Fox News came out with extensive material on Monday [October 26 – ed.] That there is more than a real possibility for Tehran to return to Venezuela its own long-range missiles, learned The American television quoted a representative of the US administration that the Pentagon is ready to destroy these missiles if they are delivered to Venezuela.

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Elliott Abrams, the US special envoy for Iran and Venezuela, said Iran’s actions were unacceptable, and such behavior would not be tolerated or allowed to happen. According to Abrans, the US government is ready to take any measures to cut off the supply of such missiles to Venezuela, and if by any chance they still reach Caracas, the Pentagon will destroy them on the spot.

So far, the information disseminated by Fox News has not been officially confirmed by the US government in the face of military intelligence, nor have international signals been detected for the upcoming delivery of such systems in Venezuela. However, the information comes at a time when Iran confirmed a few months ago that it was ready to assist the Venezuelan defense and deliver its own long-range missiles.

What is the situation in Venezuela? We remind you that Venezuela was shaken by an internal conflict involving the name of the country’s opposition leader Juan Guaido, who on January 23 this year the Trump administration recognized him as acting president of the republic after the country’s Supreme Court overturned his appointment as President of the Venezuelan Parliament. An even greater escalation began after, in addition to Washington and Mexico, he followed suit and also supported Gaido as president of Venezuela. A number of EU members have done the same, as has the regional organization of American states.

All of this prompted Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to declare the action a real attempt at a military coup and quickly decided to end Venezuela’s diplomatic relations with the United States. Support for Maduro was expressed by Russia, Belarus, Iran, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria and Turkey.

Venezuela deployed missile systems against US ships to protect the oil cargo

The Venezuelan military deployed on May 23 air defense systems and multiple launch rocket systems on the island of La Orchila to protect the five Iranian oil tankers traveling to Venezuela from Iran. According to some reports, the reason for this was a change in the course of the three American warships, which crossed the course towards Iranian ships, which within a few hours should enter the exclusive economic zone of Venezuela.

At the moment []May 23 – ed.], it is known about the massive deployment of Buk-M2E and S-125 Pechora anti-aircraft missile systems in the territory of the Venezuelan state of Falcon, as well as about the full operational readiness of air defense and air forces throughout the country.

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Obviously, contrary to US statements, official Caracas may have an information that Washington really expects to capture Iranian tankers, especially against the backdrop of the fact that the United States imposed sanctions against both Venezuela and Iran. Experts so far do not want to assess the possible risks of clashes with the United States off the coast of Venezuela, believing that Washington is also fully aware of the power of weapons located near Venezuela.


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