Russia’s S-300B4 missile system will be able to shoot down hypersonic missiles

MOSCOW, (BM) – The development of hypersonic missiles in the last three years is developing internationally in full force. Russia managed to overtake and surprise its “opponents” by nearly 24 months ago Putin introduced to the world more than two hypersonic missiles, as well as a hypersonic launch system.

Read more: Russia, Production of Avangard Hypersonic Missiles is Proceeding According to the Schedule listened to the radio interview of the Russian military expert Igor Korotchenko, who announced on Radio Sputnik that the Russian military industry was already testing a missile system capable of shooting down enemy hypersonic missiles.

According to him, the S-300B4 system has already managed to do this. A few months ago, tests were conducted with it, which took place in several stages, according to the expert, and the missile system has shown the ability to intercept and shoot down operational-tactical and, most importantly, hypersonic missiles, even “foreign”, which are known that they are in the final stage of development and testing. We remind you that in addition to Russia, hypersonic missiles are being developed in the EU and the USA, Japan, China, and India has the BrahMos subsonic missile, which is a joint development with Russian military engineers.

According to Igor Korotchenko, the ability of the S-300B4 to cope with complex tasks is due to a newly developed ammunition, which has a range of up to 400 km. “The potential enemy has no chance” are the words of the former commander of the anti-missile forces of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Aiteh Bijev, and the new ammunition can provide more than perfect protection of Russian territory against the so-called “modern missiles”, and for quite a long time. period of time.

Igor Korotchenko said on Sputnik radio that the new missile system has already been presented at the Army 2020 exhibition, which took place this year in Russia. He also said that Russia has already developed an export version of the system, which will be named Abakan. According to the expert, given the high cost of Russian air defense systems S-400, the exported version of S-300B4 already has a significant advantage in international markets and will give future customers a very high quality of performance of tasks, and the systems can be quickly produced i.e. Countries that urgently need a quality air defense system will be able to order this one.

The United States is also developing hypersonic missiles. Which forces will receive the new weapons first?

The United States has lagged behind in developing a hypersonic rocket after several tests of the prototype failed at the end of last year and earlier this year. However, in recent months, Washington has managed to catch up little by little, and according to Pentagon officials, the United States will have a hypersonic missile in 2023.

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Naturally, the question of which forces will receive the first hypersonic weapon is on the agenda. According to Robert O’Brien, an adviser to US President Donald Trump, the ground and naval forces will be the first to acquire the new US missiles. The American edition of Defense News writes that the submarines of the Virginia and Zamwolt class will be the first watercraft to be adapted and equipped with missiles.

Very real threat: Russia tested an anti-satellite missile

U.S. space forces said Russia tested an anti-satellite missile on April 15, as we reported according the US space command statement. “The US space command is aware and tracks Russian anti-satellite missile tests on April 15,” the report said. “Russia’s test of the direct interceptor anti-satellite missile (DA-ASAT) is yet another example of the fact that threats to US space systems and allied systems are real and growing,” commented General John Raymond, commander of the US Space Forces. It is also noted that the missile system tested by Russia is capable of destroying satellites in low Earth orbit. recalls that President Donald Trump issued an order to create a Space Force as part of the U.S. Armed Forces in June 2018. The American space command will be subordinate to 87 units and subunits, forces and equipment responsible for warning of missile threats, the operation of satellites, control of space flights and support for operations in space.

In his speech on December 20, 2019, during which Trump officially announced the creation of the USSF, the owner of the White House said that US opponents are threatening US satellites with the help of new technologies, so there was a need to create space troops. Trump called the creation of this military structure then the “new chapter in an outstanding history” of the US Armed Forces.

Russian hypersonic missile is capable of reaching Washington in 15 minutes

The Chinese portal Sina was surprised at the capabilities of the Russian military complexes “Sarmat”, “Avangard” and “Yars”, which “put America in a stalemate” we reported on September 21. The authors of the article note that Russian complexes are extremely dangerous for the enemy, their flight range is more than ten thousand kilometers. “The Avangard missile is capable of reaching Washington in 15 minutes. During this time, the Americans will not even have time to drink a cup of coffee, and even more so they will not be able to repel the Russian rocket,” the article says.

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The author is convinced that the American air defenses will not have time to intercept the Avangard attack, and the American coastal areas will be defenseless against the Russian complex. The journalist called the missile itself “a masterpiece of the Russian army.” The projectile’s combat characteristics make it “an even more terrifying weapon than a nuclear bomb,” the author of the article added. The author also recalled that Russia has developed hypersonic missiles, but the United States has failed to do this. Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that testing of the latest combat modules for light boats would begin in Russia.


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