AM-17 automatic assault rifle for the pilots of Russian Su-35 and Su-57 fighters [video]

MOSCOW, (BM) – According to the official Russian defense newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda, at the recent Army-2020 Forum Minister Sergey Shoigu would have asked the Kalashnikov Concern company to finalize the AM-17 automatic assault rifle for use by pilots as soon as possible of the Sukhoi Su-35 and Su-57 fighters, learned citing Analisi Difese.

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In fact, it is Shoigu’s opinion that the weapon must undergo some essential modifications in order to be able to equip the pilots of the Russian Aerospace Force, that is, optimal size and weight so that it can be supplied to pilots.

In fact, normally every military pilot carries in flight a gun with at least two boxes of cartridges to be used for self-defense in case of expulsion above the enemy territory [together with a long list of materials that even includes gold coins and other survival kits] but the AM-17 that was first presented at the Army-2020 Forum is a “small” assault rifle 74 cm long and weighing only 2.5 kg.

In short, it is not excluded that it may be equipped with further possibilities of disassembling the barrel that reduces its size precisely along the lines of what happened on the US front with the ultra compact version of the M4, or the Gau-5 A ASDW [Aircrew Self Defense Weapon] equipped with a detachable barrel and whose recipients are the US Air Force pilots.

The AM-17 uses standard 5.45 × 39mm 30 cartridge magazines; it is ambidextrous being equipped with all controls on both sides and is equipped with a telescopic stock that can be folded laterally which reduces its overall length to 49 cm. It can obviously fire in semi-automatic or fully automatic mode and a quick release tactical silencer can be installed on the muzzle.

The new pilot helmet of the Su-57 will give an advantage in the aerial combat

The new helmet, designed for the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57, gives the pilot an advantage in aerial combat. He will be able to expand his field of view thanks to a helmet-mounted display system as we reported in June this year.

The display system is integrated into the pilot’s helmet and displays an image of any complexity on the helmet visor, Zvezda reports citing Anatoly Shukalov, first deputy general director of OKB Elektroavtomatika.

Due to the transparent screen, the pilot can observe both the external environment and the information received. This system allows him to control flight and aiming without looking at the indicators in the cockpit.

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Anatoly Shukalov added that the design bureau also created a wide-angle collimator aviation indicator or sight. It is used to ensure flight safety and piloting aircraft. And the electronic frame-combining system makes video recording of the cockpit situation without distortion by a flashlight.

The helmet for the pilots of the Su-57 fighter was first presented at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2015. Then his tests were completed.

Kalashnikov has created a small-sized Malysh assault rifle for self-defense

Preliminary tests of the Malysh small-sized self-defense assault rifles have been completed, preparations are underway for state-run tests, as we reported on August 20 citing Dmitry Tarasov, general director of the Kalashnikov concern.

“At present, the stage of preliminary tests has been completed and the preparation and manufacture of prototypes for state tests is underway,” Tarasov said then. According to him, state tests of the Lebedev PLC compact pistol, positioned as a replacement for the PM, have ended.

“Several days ago, state tests of a compact version of this weapon were successfully completed. The pistol was recommended by the customer for adoption by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. In addition, this sample aroused interest among other law enforcement agencies, whose representatives took part in state tests. Pilot operation of the PLC has begun in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The concern has begun mastering its serial production,” Tarasov said.

He expressed hope that next year the concern will receive a state contract for the manufacture of the first serial batch of PLC pistols. “Thanks to the state order, we plan to load the production capacities of the pistol production of the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant for many years to come,” Tarasov specified.

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The Lebedev PL-15 pistol was developed for the use of 9×19 mm Parabellum cartridges. The length of the weapon is 220 millimeters [barrel length is 127 millimeters], width is 28 millimeters, and height is 136 millimeters. The basic version of the pistol is equipped with a 14-round box magazine. Earlier in the US, the Russian pistol PL-15 was called a “quantum leap”.


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