US military is developing and testing brand new mini ‘killer’ drones

WASHINGTON, (BM) – According to a publication in the American online magazine National Interest, the US military has taken decisive steps in the use of small drones, already testing drones with integrated mini-weapon systems on the tap, so that they can be used for attack, learned

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We remind you that this tactic is not new and several countries are also testing similar options to increase the activity of small unmanned aerial vehicles. Such countries as we know so far are Russia, China and Turkey.

The idea of ​​the US military is to use either a 9 mm caliber pistol or a mini barrel, resembling an ink tube with a pen. According to Colonel Sam Edwards, Director of Robotics Requirements, Capability Development Integration Directorate, engineers have opted for the second option and it is currently being tested – a mini barrel for a single shot. Edwards also commented on the possibility of integrating a 9mm pistol, but according to him, engineers currently have a difficult task to solve – how the drone can absorb the recoil of the pistol, so as not to violate the accuracy of aiming.

The colonel confirmed to a journalist of the National Interest that the US Army is currently in the initial stage of experimentation and is currently assessing the type of weapon, how to mount it on the small drone and how to combine all this with surveillance cameras. This is also important, as experts will have to decide which mobile optical surveillance system to use as the most appropriate option.

“It is a small system already, so what is the most it can carry? It has to see and process information so it can recommend a course of action,” Edwards said.

Sooner or later these problems will be solved by American designers and at some point they will develop a suitable mini-drone. When that happens, the US military will have something very interesting and functional, such as attacking a sniper hiding behind a rock, or in a bush, or in a building. On the other hand, such a mini drone significantly changes the meaning of the word “assassin”, “secret agent”, etc., as this drone will be able to stop with the ultimate goal of the soldier – to eliminate the target.

On the other hand, the mini drone armed with a pistol or single-barrel barrel radically changes the angle of the shot, as its mobility makes it effective from almost any angle of the 360-degree perspective. On the other hand, such an unmanned tool can easily force an enemy soldier to move to another position, thus becoming vulnerable to the main shooter or sniper.

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Military experts say it would be interesting to use such a mini drone if it is armed not with one but with several pistols, each mounted on an individual rotary arm. This will allow the drone to “target” several targets simultaneously and eliminate them by firing a series of bullets simultaneously.

All this suggests that future developments in this area will have to focus on developing new software solutions that integrated to work with optical sights and pistols will pose a truly invisible threat to the enemy. Mini drones have their advantages and can be used repeatedly. Military experts say that if a drone is designed to blow itself up or play the role of a “kamikaze”, then mini drones in the event of damage or depletion of ammunition can be re-navigated to the base to repair or reload.

But perhaps the biggest challenge for the operator of such a device will remain reliability, ie. the operator must be sure of the precision of the use of the mini-drone, which means that the integration of autonomy or artificial intelligence in these devices must be of an exceptional level of quality, guaranteeing 100% fulfillment of the set tasks, without any doubts about possible failure.

Something that sounds quite illusory at this stage, when autonomy and artificial intelligence in military developments are just beginning.

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