F-35s of the US Marine Corps with new multi-role aircraft operation support system

WASHINGTON, (BM) – The US Marine Corps has implemented on-board equipment for the new F-35B multi-role aircraft operation support system, learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing Defence24. It is an ODIN [Operational Data Integrated Network] system, which is to fully replace the current problematic ALIS [Autonomic Logistics Information System] within two years.

Maritime Infantry informs that the devices with the latest version of the previous ALIS system preloaded, but technically prepared to accept the ODIN software, have been installed in the machines of one of the squadrons stationed at the Yuma base in Arizona. So it is probably one of the units stationed there: Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122 [VMFA 122] or Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 211 [VMFA 211]. The preparations ended on September 29.

On the same day, the first flight of such equipped aircraft took place, and the next day – another four flights. It was a successful test of both the new on-board equipment and the next-generation terrestrial servers that will also house ODIN.

The new system was created with the use of the possibility of storing data “in the cloud”, it is characterized by a new storage environment and integrated information processing, and its introduction is to significantly improve the parameters of units equipped with F-35 in terms of the required workload for these machines [and what a and thus costs, and hence the cost of flight], as well as increasing the operational availability of these aircraft.

According to the available information, the information processing time by the new system will be shorter than that of ALIS by more than 50 percent, which will make the cooperation of aviation technicians much more efficient, it will also be much faster to configure a new system and, for example, to adapt a new plane to it. The ground ODIN server itself is to fit in “two suitcases” weighing about 25 kg, while the ALIS server was a human-sized cabinet and weighed almost 250 kg.

The Marines are a pioneer in deploying the F-35 to the entire US Armed Forces. Their F-35s were the first to reach initial operational readiness. It took place in 2015.

American 5th-gen F-35 fighter jet is already obsolete, experts said

US experts at The Drive suggest that the US Air Force’s F-35 fighter will soon become obsolete and pave the way for new developments in military aviation.

The American edition of The Drive predicts the “decline” of the era of the American Air Force F-35 Lightning II. According to the authors of the publication, the F-35 will soon lose its role in the sky due to the development of technologies and approaches of the Next Generation Air Dominance Program (NGAD). According to the publication’s experts, the new developments will soon radically change the type of combat aviation.

“As a result, we are probably entering the decline of an era in which the fighter is in full control of air combat,” notes The Drive.

The authors of the publication also recalled that in September, US Air Force Assistant Secretary of the Air Force Will Roper spoke about the flight tests of a “sixth generation fighter.” According to The Drive, a representative of the department could consider testing a platform for a family of different aircraft, which has not yet been presented.

Earlier, Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan announced that 150 fifth-generation F-22 and F-35 fighters would be stationed in the northern United States, making Alaska the region with the most stealth aircraft. The Pentagon does not deny that such militarization in the north would be a response to the increase in the frequency of Russian aircraft flying over the Arctic.


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