Top 10 super villainous projects that actually existed

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Supervillains have been a part of popular culture for quite some time now, appearing in Bond movies or Superman comics. It would seem that all their plans to intimidate, enslave and destroy the world look extremely improbable, but oddly enough, many absolutely real projects would have made them good company.

Huge military vehicles, spy satellites, control over nuclear weapons – whatever project you take, you just want to hide in a bunker and never get out of there again. The book and television supervillains may not exist, but their projects emerge in reality with alarming frequency.

#10 – Global copper market plan

The plan to control the global copper market came to the mind of Japanese trader Yasuo Hamanaka in the 1980s. Thanks to stock exchange machinations, he managed to inflate copper prices and crush about 5% of the world trade in this metal, forging the signatures of other traders. However, he failed to achieve global control, and a few years later he was imprisoned for fraud.

#9 – The organization of former members of the SS

The German saboteur Otto Skorzeny was known for organizing a number of semi-underground organizations after the collapse of the Third Reich, which can only be called villainous. One of them was intended for the rehabilitation of former members of the SS, the other – for the unification of neo-fascists under the banner of the fight against communism. The organization from the Bond movie Specter was based on that.

#8 – Anthrax

There is a theory that during World War II, Winston Churchill planned to drop a monstrous biological weapon on German cities – the anthrax bacillus, anthrax. The war ended before it was revealed whether this plan was real.

#7 – Project Azorian

Project Azorian is a large-scale top-secret CIA operation to raise the sunken Soviet submarine K-129 from the ocean floor, carried out in 1974. The goal of the operation is to gain access to ballistic missiles and military technology. The operation was only partially crowned with success; only the bow of the boat was lifted.

#6 – Excalibur project

The Excalibur project was developed in the United States during the Cold War. He assumed the use of powerful lasers, powered by atomic energy, to destroy Soviet ballistic missiles. The weapon proved to be extremely unstable, and its explosion could entail huge casualties. The project was canceled in 1982.

#5 – Saddam Hussein superweapon

At the end of the Iran-Iraq War in 1988, Saddam Hussein came up with the idea of ​​creating a superweapon. To do this, he hired Canadian engineer Gerald Bull, who provided a blueprint for Project Babylon, a cannon capable of firing thousands of kilometers and even launching satellites into orbit. Two years later, Bull was killed and the project fell apart.

#4 – Mistry project

The Misty project to create completely invisible spy satellites was developed by the United States for many years, but as a result it was closed in 2007. It turned out that even amateur astronomers could detect theoretically invisible satellites.

#3 – Fire ballons

“Fire balloons” were originally created by Japan during World War II and were balloons carrying high-explosive bombs. The United States became interested in the project and subsequently developed the giant E77 balloon carrying biological agents to destroy crops in the USSR and China. The program was curtailed in 1962.

#2 – NSA computer viruses

The spread of viruses. In 2012, documents released by Edward Snowden showed that the US National Security Agency was deliberately spreading computer viruses in order to steal information and expand digital influence.

#1 – The nuclear trade system of Abdul Qadir Khan

The underground system of trade in nuclear materials and blueprints for the manufacture of weapons originated with the light hand of Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadir Khan. Having become acquainted with the technologies of creating nuclear weapons in a laboratory in Amsterdam, Khan founded his network and successfully led it for thirty years until his arrest in 2004 (and at the same time quite officially headed the Pakistani nuclear program).

There is another reason for this project to come first – if Abdul Qadir Khan had not developed his network to perfection, North Korea would never have acquired a nuclear weapon.

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