Chinese copied the F-35 fighter jet, but did they copied and its efficiency?

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Recently, a photo of a fifth-generation Chinese fighter began circulating on the Internet, with the author of the photo saying that it was the new J-31 or also known as the FC-31. Realistically, this is not news, as it has long been known that the Chinese have developed a second fifth-generation fighter. We can even boldly say that this model is designed for foreign customers, while Chinese aviation will use only the J-20.

Chinese copied the 5th generation F-35 fighter, but did they copied and its efficiency
Photo credit: Sana

Military experts from southern China claim that this model has a completely new, modernized and radically different avionics from the J-20. As far as we know, according to local sources, Beijing will soon begin flight tests of this fighter, and at a later stage, if all goes well – will begin combat tests.

U.S.A. experts have told Newsweek that the fighter may still have avionics, according to older photos of the model, which clearly showed an airspeed device and is now missing. But as we said, the Chinese also claim that the plane has avionics. How new and modernized it is – time will tell.

Experts say that this future Chinese fighter is designed for the fleet and the work of aircraft carriers, and it is no secret that it will play the role of a competitor to the American fighter F-35, but not only – J-31 will have to fights the F-35, both in the air under real combat conditions (not to happen) and on the basis of new technologies (which is doubtful). In appearance, the J-31 is a copy of the F-35, even the geometric layout of the Chinese fighter is close to that of its American competitor.

But as we said before – it does not matter much, because today it all depends on avionics, sensors, weapons, engine and possible maneuverability and more. technological and physical data that are not visible to the human eye.

Is the coincidence of appearance with the American F-35 accidental? No. The Americans even knew and expected this in the early years of the decade, when the Defense Scientific Council published in a report facts that Chinese intelligence services were working actively on industrial and cyber espionage. All this has led to the theft of weapons for a decade, not only from the United States but also from Russia.

But let’s not be super secret. In 2019 at the Paris Air Show last year, each visitor could see the design and compare the similarities and differences between the two fighters. And to close the circle of coincidences – no, as long as the Chinese government and the Chinese media recognize the similarities in the two fighters.

Even the Beijing authorities have admitted to using the same DSI inlet (non-boundary layer-separated lane supersonic inlet). The only difference, according to experts, is that the Chinese “twin” of the F-35 does not have the ability to take off and land for a short time.

So far, the only thing we have already established is the similarity between the two fighters. However, this does not mean that the similarity will be the same in terms of capabilities and functionality of the American stealth F-35. Ie so far it cannot compete in any measurable way, “except in beauty.”

But did …

This immediately brings to the fore the supposed possibility, and military experts from across the ocean should ask themselves the question – is that so? What if, after all, Beijing has made progress on avionics, sensors, digitalization? We know that the F-35 is the best flying computer at the moment, which does its job even before it sees the enemy, which is its advantage.

It is no secret that, along with the United States, China is also advancing at a rapid pace in terms of the development of artificial intelligence, which immediately raises the question – have they integrated artificial intelligence into the fighter? Whatever we assume and think, so far there is no evidence that the J-31 has reached or approached the functionality and effectiveness of the sensory synthesis or weapon range of the F-35.

But it is perfectly permissible for this aircraft to become a real threat to American F-35s at some point, because if you are lagging behind in one area today, it does not mean that you stop developing, but move forward.

It is quite possible that by the first flight of the J-31 prototype, the Chinese already have the right sensors, the right weapons, the right maneuverability. Or not!


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