Hybrid, silent and up to 100 km/h. – the new German innovative combat vehicle

BERLIN, (BM) – The development of military technology at present can be compared with the speed of development of computer and mobile technologies in the world. BulgarianMilitary.com has learned that Germany has developed and even presented a prototype of a hybrid powered vehicle capable of accelerating to 100 km/h.

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It is about the German concern Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft [FFG] and its innovative fighting machine Genesis, which was recently presented [September 22-23 – ed.] In Flensburg, Germany. According to sources from the German company, the presentation was planned to take place officially at the Paris exhibition for military equipment and military innovation Eurosatori, but the pandemic of the coronavirus Kovid-19 thwarted these plans, which forced the official presentation to take place in his homeland.

From the presentation and data provided by the company it is clear that the “blue monster” Genesis has a hybrid electro-diesel power plant that can provide the machine with power up to 1368 kW, or in simpler and more understandable words – about 1860 horsepower forces. The principle of operation is explained by the functionality of the diesel engine to generate electricity in the battery, which is located in front of the car.

What the charged battery is for is to drive eight electric motors, which drive the eight wheels of Genesis, providing it with a torque of 15,622 Nm on each wheel.

According to the technical specification, the vehicle has 8 separately steerable wheels, which makes it standardized 8×8. The company claims that they have already found a way to create such a vehicle but with 4 self-steering wheels or 4×4. What is interesting is the lack of any human intervention in the control of the wheels, as their control is fully digitized and computer controlled. Ie the steering gear and the engine on each of the wheels are autonomously connected to a computer computational algorithm.

A situation is also considered if one of the electric motors or a specific wheel is damaged. They are then automatically engaged in idle mode, which in no way interferes with the normal movement and operation of the Genesis combat vehicle.

Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft engineers have achieved remarkably quiet movement of the machine, explaining this “almost silent” fact with an already charged battery and the main engine switched off.

As we have already announced above in the text, Genesis as an 8×8 standard combat vehicle weighing about 40 tons performs extremely well in developing a speed of at least 100 kilometers per hour. The armored vehicle is operated by two crew members, and the catfish vehicle can accommodate up to 10 paratroopers, soldiers, paratroopers and their full combat equipment.

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According to German officials, when traveling at about 60 kilometers per hour, the maximum mileage of Genesis is 600 km. The main equipment is the dome-shaped combat module with 30 mm. cannon and remote control.

We remind you that the latest marvel of German engineering in the field of ground forces Lynx KF4, which even has its first international client – Hungary, was recently presented to the world. Experts say that this machine is very likely to take a significant share of world markets in the field of ground combat vehicles, mainly due to its large and wide functionality compared to its low selling price.


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