Heavy armored vehicles in the Ladakh area. Is India preparing for war?

NEW DELHI, (BM) – Against the background of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, which is gaining momentum and the outcome remains unclear, India has taken unexpected action to strengthen its defense capabilities along its border with China, learned BulgarianMilitary.com.

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According to author Peter Suciu and his analysis in the National Interest, India is preparing for a possible war, or is simply taking defensive actions in order to prevent a future threat from Beijing.

Since the beginning of this week, BulgarianMilitary.com has been closely monitoring the activities of the Indian military in specific areas of the country, mainly Chumar, Depsang and Chushul, and we were very impressed that the Indian military moved and deployed a large number of tanks in these areas . We are talking about available T-72 and T-90 series tanks, as well as dozens of armored personnel carriers, which should strengthen Ladakh’s defense.

Peter Suciu in his commentary says that the Depsang area and especially its flat geographical structure is perfectly suitable for the deployment of Indian tank brigades, which in a future period of conflict would be a real threat to eastern Kashmir and Aksai Chin – the real place, which sparked a decade-long dispute between rival China and India, as well as Pakistan.

Winter is coming

This is a very important clarification. Like the characters in the popular Game of Thrones series, India has Russian tanks and armored vehicles developed and tested in the endless cold fields of Russian Siberia and having an important feature in their structure of operation – they can operate at minus 40 degrees Celsius. And yes – both Russia and India use slightly different fuels to power these heavy armored vehicles, which work more than perfectly at such low temperatures.

All this is completely logical and within normal limits, based on the fact that this part of eastern Ladakh is famous for severe, cold and windy winters with regular low temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius below zero.

According to Major General Arwind Kapoor, the Shaba’s commander-in-chief in the region, India has taken care of its troops and equipment in the area to help existing personnel cope with the heavy and difficult maintenance of weapons equipment. According to him, winter is coming, but it will not surprise the Indian soldier, who is fully aware of what awaits him and is accordingly prepared, with special clothing and equipment that meet the standard of heavy nature.

Speaking of military equipment, we must mention one fact that happened this year – Indian soldiers received new attack rifles SIG 716. But not all soldiers. Such assault rifles were given to security control units along with Pakistan and anti-terrorist units in the Kashmir region.

As we announced back in February, New Delhi ordered a significant quantity of these assault rifles. We are talking about over 70,000 units with parameters of 7.62×51 millimeters, with which the Indian administration replaced the obsolete 5.56×45 millimeters. But as we said months ago, India is ready to buy weapons, so it ordered another 70,000 of the same model.

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Along with this order, New Delhi added to the shopping list the CAR 816 carbine, which is produced not anywhere but in the United Arab Emirates. The strange thing about this deal is the difference in the cartridges of the two rifles, thus India will have two models of rifles and two models of cartridges.

This Arab rifle deal turned out to be “dead” for both sides at one point. Mostly because India holds part of the design of the rifle must be made in the country, under the program “Make in India”. We know from experience that the Indian military very often prefers to buy a specific military technology, since the weapons themselves have logic, but it is difficult to achieve. Despite the “dead” deal, it now turns out that the deal could be revived, especially with the growing threat in Kashmir.


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