Egypt wants Syria back in the Arab League and a military alliance against Turkey

CAIRO, (BM) – Recent military contacts between Armenia and Azerbaijan have gradually shifted the focus from a topic that should not be left in the background. We are talking about Turkey, Libya, Greece, Syria and … Egypt. learned that according to Greek journalists and military-political analysts, Egyptian President El-Sisi is working to unite the Arab states in the region, especially in creating a military alliance against Ankara to counter Erdogan and his military presence in northern Syria. According to Greek journalists, only Egypt sees Turkey’s double face and understands Erdogan’s disastrous policies very well, while the West stands by and watches indifferently.

What we know so far is that Egypt has attracted Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Iraq. The reason for this statement is the fact that el-Sisi and the Egyptian authorities organized a committee of foreign ministers of these countries, which condemned the Turkish “occupation” in Syria, and called the deployment of Turkish troops in the region “Turkish interference in Arab affairs.”

Sameh Shoukry, Egypt’s foreign minister, gave a fiery speech to the country’s parliament, not failing to address Turkey and express his views, as well as those of their Arab brothers, that despite everything and despite Erdogan’s empty promises, Turkey is still in Syria and still does not keep any of its commitments.

“This is a brutal invasion,” the Egyptian foreign minister said in March this year at an organized meeting between Arab countries in the region. has information from a diplomatic source in Syria, which confirms a hitherto “hidden” fact. A delegation of diplomats and military from the Syrian Arab Republic paid an official visit to Egypt on September 17-18 this year, discussing important issues such as how the two countries [Syria and Egypt – ed.] to counter Turkish intervention in Syria. But this information is not the most important. More importantly, at the same meeting, Syrian officials melted the “ice” between them and the Arab League, a clear signal that Arab countries are ready to take Damascus back into the league, which would be a blow to Turkish President Erdogan’s ambitions.

It is not in vain that this meeting was hosted by Egyptian Foreign Ministry officials. Another signal to other members of the Arab League, as it is no secret that Cairo is firmly in favor of renewing Syria’s membership in the league and is ready to vote “for” the return of Syria, but under certain conditions.

Something that Turkish society does not know and the Turkish media seems to be avoiding announcing is the visit of the Egyptian intelligence chief to Damascus in March this year, at which certain conditions for Syria’s return to the league were clearly discussed and re-announced evidence that the West and Europe no longer trust the Turkish president and do not consider him a factor like, say, three or four years ago.

Many military analysts say Turkey’s brutal intervention in Syria is the catalyst that has succeeded in uniting the Arab League and bringing the issue of Syria’s return to the forefront. Gamal Baumi, a former Egyptian deputy foreign minister, said in an interview that “there are Gulf states that oppose Damascus’ return to the Arab League, but overt Turkish intervention in Syria has changed their position. countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have condemned Turkish interference on Syrian territory. “

“That is why Egypt is setting up this Arab commission to deal with Turkish interference, preparing reports and monitoring Turkish crimes on Syrian soil,” he said.

However, the restoration of the authority of the Arab League goes through the already mandatory creation of a military axis Egypt-Saudi Arabia-UAE-Bahrain, which would oppose the neo-Ottoman plans and the arrogant Erdogan, whose arrogance reached Nagorno-Karabakh.


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