It’s time for the United States to begin shooting down missiles

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – An event took place in mid-September this year, which seems to have remained on the agenda among the military industry, but which could be the next step in the development of air defense. learned that in the middle of this month the United States conducted tests of a new generation integrated air defense system, which in the future could be called “revolutionary” and in one way or another replace Russian domination.

It is about the so-called IBCS, whose tests have passed in the state of New Mexico. As mentioned earlier, we are talking about a high-quality integrated air defense system with all its important and accompanying components – radars, missiles, reconnaissance systems and information-integrated components.

What the Pentagon military is trying to do is build a single integrated air defense system that connects all U.S. defense systems and works as a “single organism,” or in other words, a single air defense platform.

Ie if until now Patriot has relied solely on its information and radar capabilities, with the new integrated system, when it works, Patriot will be able to use and receive data from THAAD and Aegis, and thus faster process data that due to limitations in the range of action, so far failed to collect.

Thus, at some point, a number of advantages can be identified that have not been explored in the US air defense systems. It may be that a long-range air defense system will read, detect and intercept small asymmetric targets, or targets operating at very low altitudes. And vice versa, of course. Ie “off the horizon” will no longer be used as an excuse, as Americans will overcome this barrier thanks to the integration of joint radar and interception systems of different in function and volume air defense systems.

Only now, perhaps, does the Pentagon’s action make sense by importing the Iron Dome system from Israel nearly two months ago. The idea of ​​the United States, apparently including Israel, by building communication between SHORAD, Patriot, THAAD and the Iron Dome and establishing a unified command system.

The actions of the Americans find their logic. In recent years, the Pentagon has been criticized for failing to cope with certain missile interception tasks. Patriot systems have failed several times in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, prompting criticism of the Trump administration. At the same time, Russia has launched the world’s best air defense system, the S-400, and is expected to be replaced soon by its successor, the S-500.

Of course, there is one question that is not asked out loud, but everyone is thinking – will the new integrated IBCS system of a new generation be able to intercept Russia’s hypersonic systems. A topic that no one in America obviously wants to tackle, but sooner or later it will have to answer that question, because Washington is at least 10 years behind hypersonic developments.

The Americans still remember the interview of Lieutenant Colonel Michael Waltz, who according to Fox News shared his shocking opinion that the American air defense is currently only 50% effective. 50% of things flying in the air may not be caught. The results are the same when trying to intercept and launch an intercontinental ballistic missile. And this, according to Waltz, are not dry figures, but the results of tests that the army has conducted.

But the numbers are even more shocking. Over the years, the United States has promised one thing to different presidents, but has done another. And now that the global threat from China and Russia is greater than during the Cold War, an unknown threat is knocking on their door, which they hope to combat with “melted hopes” air defense systems.

And because they have no real new developments in this area, Washington decided to include Hawaii in the equation with their Cold War warning system.

That is why the United States does not believe that it will be able to face the threat with the present. that is why the United States must develop a new generation integrated air defense system, at least first to be able to intercept more than 50% of missiles, and second, to lay the foundation for a precise future system that can and does know how to shoot down Russian hypersonic missiles.

It is time the United States began intercepting and firing missiles.


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