Germany canceled the procedure for acquiring of new military helicopters

BERLIN, (BM) – As we have reported in recent months, a procedure is under way in Germany to allow the German Air Force to replace old military transport helicopters with new ones. According to preliminary data from the German media, the official authorities in Berlin were expected to choose who will be the executor of this project by the end of the year.

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Yesterday, a number of German media confirmed the news, which came directly from the Ministry of Defense of the Federal Republic, that the procedure for acquiring a new helicopter has been canceled, learned

As the main reasons for the cancellation of the procedure, the German military announced the impossibility of the project to be realized with the funds set in the budgets allocated for this project, although, according to sources, many of the requirements of the procedure for acquiring new helicopters have been met. In reality, the body that commissioned and monitored the processes considers that, as such, the project is uneconomical or cost-effective for Germany, and this is the leading claim in the annulment of the procedure.

However, the cancellation of the procedure does not mean that it has been suspended. It is likely that the German authorities will rethink the whole procedure and renew it, setting new parameters. Berlin continues to argue that the replacement of old military transport helicopters with new ones is more than mandatory, and sooner or later this will happen, as current aircraft will reach its maximum service life sometime in 2030.

Changing parameters on a specific project is not an unusual practice, especially in an industry where the value of materials and resources needed to produce weapons systems and weapons is changing. Just to remind you that Bulgaria, before choosing Lursen as a supplier of two patrol ships, also canceled the procedure due to budget problems, and then restarted it again.

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The Bundeswehr also confirmed this scenario, issuing a message to the public that the project will actually continue, but certain specifications will change.

It all really started almost three years ago, when Germany decided to announce this tender for new transport helicopters. In the middle of last year, the Federal Republic minimized the participants, as well as the proposal helicopter models, which are Boeing with CH-47 Chinook and Sikorsky with CH-53K King Stallion.

Germany wants to buy between 45 and 60 military transport helicopters, which will be determined mainly by the efficiency of the model according to the characteristics set out in the tender documents and the requirements of the German army.

German Typhoon jets with new air-to-ground weapons

On September 25 Diehl announced that it has concluded an agreement with the German Air Force for the supply of an unspecified number of GBU-54 LJDAM [Laser – Joint Direct Attack Munitions] guided bombs weighing 225 kg.

This armament is used by the currently phased out Panavia Tornado planes, but also by the latest variants of Eurofighter Typhoon machines, adapted to destroy ground targets with guided weapons.

Information about the conclusion of the contract on September 11, 2020 was announced by the Diehl concern on September 24, without informing about the value or size of the order. However, the Bundestag agreed in the first half of September for the delivery of 910 bombs and 2,290 conversion packages with additional and training equipment, for a maximum of EUR 213 million.

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The first deliveries are scheduled for November 2021, and the whole should be handed over to the recipient within four years from the first delivery. GBU-54 LJDAM bombs are produced by the Boeing concern, but for the Luftwaffe’s needs, deliveries and operation support, as well as integration and all other activities are carried out by Diehl under the 2018 agreement. In a similar way, the German air force is supplied with GBU-24 and GBU-48 bombs from Raytheon.

Germany is ready to purchase 45 F-18 fighters from the US

A letter stating that Germany is ready to buy 45 Boeing F-18 fighter jets from the US, sent on April 19 the German Secretary of Defense Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer to Pentagon CEO Mark Esper.

The question of replacing the Tornado fighter with the F-18s in Germany was raised by the previous German Minister of Defense, Ursula von der Leyen.

However, her proposal was criticized by the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). They insisted that the purchase of fighters should be carried out not only from Boeing, but also from the European Airbus, which produces Eurofighter aircraft.

Unlike his predecessor, Kramp-Karrenbauer does not agree to make concessions to the Social Democrats and, despite their disagreement, conclude a contract with Boeing. Representatives of the SPD believe that such actions by the minister are a provocation.

It is also reported that among the planned to purchase aircraft, 30 are a modification of the Super Hornet. It is believed that they can be armed with American nuclear warheads, which are located at a training ground near the settlement of Buchel.

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