US withdraws its nuclear bombs from Incirlik, US-Turkish relations are deteriorating

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Turkish policy in recent months in the Balkans and the Middle East will force the United States to withdraw its B-61 nuclear bombs from the Turkish base of Incirlik, according to an Israeli report from the Israeli Institute for Strategy and Security, learned citing several Greek and Israeli media.

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According to the Israeli report, Erdogan and his policy in the region are seriously threatening and hindering Tel Aviv’s interests, which will cause the United States to rethink the importance of the Turkish base in the coming months and launch a procedure to withdraw its nuclear weapons there.

The Israeli report also envisions a serious political crisis in Turkey, which will separate public opinion from that of the Turkish leadership, which has so far been seen as an “alter ego” of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Jerusalem Institute predicts serious resistance in its report against Erdogan, which will be expressed in a union of Kurds and Gulenists who will succeed in overthrowing Erdogan’s government and overcome the resistance of Islamists and Kemalists who currently support the Turkish government.

In the last few months, Turkey has been trying to intervene as an external force in various regions, around it and around Israel, including Syria, Azerbaijan and Armenia, Libya, and last but not least, the gas-territorial dispute with the Greeks.

The report is adamant that Erdogan-led Turkey currently has no permanent allies and rivalries, only interests, which is detrimental not only to Turks but also to the countries around it.

It should be noted that the report did not soften the tone at all towards Turkey, and even the first sentence, according to some Israeli and Greek media, began that under Erdogan’s pressure, the Turks threatened stability in the region and especially Israeli interests.

The report does not fail to accuse the United States, especially in the part that Donald Trump’s vague and weakened policy in the region has given Ankara the opportunity to intervene in various relations, which until two years ago was as absurd as likely to happen.

Israel recently backed the Greek government in a dispute with Turks over maritime territorial borders, but the same report did not fail to mention that Turkey’s intervention in Libya also worsened the political and peaceful situation by indirectly siding with Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who recently requested military assistance. namely from Israel.

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Even more remarkable is the statement by experts and political analysts who drafted the Israeli report, which claims that these Turkish actions alienate the country from the West and NATO, even though Turkey is a member of the alliance.

Finally, the conclusions that can be drawn from the report are specified by the Greek and Israeli media as follows:

  • Lack of democracy and brutal persecution of Erdogan’s opposition and the Kemal party;
  • Erdogan’s interests slow down the economic growth of the Turks;
  • Authoritarian regime;

The issue of nuclear weapons at the Incirlik base

In politics, especially in the one led by the United States, dependencies have been noticed over the years, but one stands out with a special light – Washington does not forget. As was the case back in 2003, when Ankara prevented US troops from crossing its territory in the direction of Iraq, which infuriated the White House.

Today, the possibility of the White House withdrawing nuclear weapons from the Incirlk base is greater than ever, especially after the US military said that the bombs in question should be “withdrawn for maintenance”, which is a clear sign that they may not return in the base.

It is this action that will be the cornerstone of future relations between Turkey and the United States. There is also a very important fact that many analysts forget, but it really exists – the United States is a partner with Kurds linked to the PKK in Syria and Iraq, which is a clear sign that Washington does not trust the Turks.

According to the Israeli report, the United States also made a mistake in its relations with Turkey, not taking a more serious tone towards Ankara, but this turned out to be correctable, while for Turkey, as if the “last train” had left.

What should Israel do?

Israel claims that Turkey has a realistic approach to Tel Aviv so far, and that Israelis must approach the Turks in a realistic way to allow Turkey and Israel to become “more enemies than they are now.” The report mainly refers to the possibility of deteriorating relations between the two countries, Turkey and Israel, becoming active enemies of each other, which will be disastrous not only for the region but also for the world.

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Israel is proposing a rhetoric of political speech that is directed against Erdogan’s policies, not against the Turkish people, who are not to blame in this case. Ie what France has been doing lately is exactly what Israel wants.

An interesting conclusion is made by the Israeli chocolate in relation to Moscow’s participation in this whole process. Unlike many times, however, this time the Israelis acknowledged the positive role of Bruce, believing that the Russians in Turkey and the Gulenists were cooperating successfully against Erdogan’s policies and in favor of Israel.


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