US Navy reconnaissance ship turned off the transponder and almost entered Russia

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – The provocations between Russia and the United States continue in full force at various military-political levels and in various territories and regions of the world. The latest information that the Russian media is currently spreading is the attempt of an American reconnaissance ship to enter Russian territorial waters on the Baltic Sea in Scandinavian Europe, learned

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According to Russian media, the US reconnaissance ship USNS Bruce Heezer, which military experts around the world consider to be one of the jewels of the US Navy, was spotted by Russian naval teams near the border of the Russian Federation. An even bigger problem, especially at the political level, could be the fact that the naval machine tried to cover the Russian radar system under the guise of a civilian ship, while the ship turned off the transponder for identification. reminds that this is generally a successful American tactic in some cases, which they use not only on water but also on air. Only two weeks ago, the Chinese government complained that a US reconnaissance plane had tried to do the same, even entering Chinese airspace under the guise of a civilian passenger plane and again with the transponder off.

The incident with the American reconnaissance ship happened in the Kaliningrad region, according to Russian sources.

A Russian newspaper reported that, according to the Russian Navy, the USNS Bruce Heezer attempted to cross the Swedish-Danish Øresund Strait, then turned off its transponder and stopped transmitting information. For reference only, this warship is a Pathfinder class. Washington has six of this class of armaments in the US Navy.

Military analysts and journalists continue to ask the exact purpose and task of this US warship to arrive in the Kaliningrad region. Some military experts believe that one of the possible goals was to deploy reconnaissance vehicles to provide the US Navy with important data on the existence of Russian submarines, ships and submarine torpedoes, which would serve at a later stage to guess what Russian equipment would released into the Atlantic Ocean.

Russia has fired a missile at a U.S. destroyer in the Black Sea

According to the Russian edition of the Federal News Agency, on March 6 this year the Russian military was fired at an American warship approaching the Crimea using coastal missile systems. According to the publication, the rocket flew in the immediate vicinity of the American warship.

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“At the end of last year, the American destroyer Ross entered the southwestern part of the Black Sea and made bold maneuvers, defying the Russian side. The actions of the Americans were regarded as a provocation, Moscow did not disregard the insolence of the United States. The Russian military conducted a demonstration of military exercises, in the framework of which the anti-ship missile systems strike against a conditional enemy that violated the sovereignty of Russia in the Black Sea was practiced,” PolitRussia quotes a translation of a fragment of Sohu’s article.

The maneuvers of Russian forces took place in front of the US destroyer team. According to a Chinese publication, Russia “has given a good lesson to the Americans by launching a coastal anti-ship missile almost in front of their nose. Journalists admired the actions of the Russian Federation,” the publication said.

It should be clarified that earlier it was actually reported that the Russia carried out missile strikes, however, the data that the rocket flew near the American warship were published for the first time.

As the Russian edition emphasizes, the Network admires the actions of Russia and fully supports them.

US Admiral warns of the dangers of Russian submarines in the Mediterranean

Russia is turning the Eastern Mediterranean into one of the most militarized zones in the world thanks to the presence of submarines. This opinion was shared on July this year by the commander of the US Navy in Europe and Africa, James Foggo.

“The Russians are deploying quiet, modern diesel submarines armed with Caliber,” Foggo quotes Stars and Stripes. He noted that Russian submarines are capable of moving in different parts in European waters and can hit missiles in any capital of Europe or Africa.

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Thus, according to him, the military needs to be especially careful. In addition, he warned of the possibility of Russian forces strengthening their positions in Libya. “Now think about what Russia is doing in the Crimea and Tartus and what kind of threat they can pose by acquiring a stronghold in Libya,” Foggo added.

A few days ago it became known that the Admiral Makarov frigate of the Black Sea Fleet, equipped with Caliber cruise missiles, would strengthen the Navy’s group in the Mediterranean.

In April, the American magazine The National Interest rated the quiet and almost elusive Russian submarine Severodvinsk of the Ash class. Journalists then remembered that several years ago, the US Navy lost the Russian submarine Severodvinsk in the Atlantic Ocean.


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