Top 5 of Russian weapons that failed with a ‘bang’

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Nobody likes failures. But really no one! Although, failure is not a bad thing, especially if it is the reason one learns from it and does not allow a second failure. And failures in the development of weapons in the world there are many, thousands. Including Russian.

The Russian does not like to feel failed in the development of weapons. Even very often he will not admit his defeat and will turn, but he will not admit defeat. Such a tendency is observed in every circle of society – from the ordinary citizen, through the Russian media and even to the governing bodies of the state. A proud Russian is the characteristic of this glorious country. And it’s always because of history.

However, many Russian media are looking for the failures of the domestic arms industry. Russian journalists say that behind every successful weapons project, there are dozens of failures that have never reached the effectiveness or characteristics of the desired end product.

But hey – think about it! Isn’t that the case everywhere in the world? Have modern technologies been invented and produced once? No, every technological marvel has passed through the brush of failures. Everywhere.

Let’s look today at the top 5 failures of the Russian arms industry.

The “goldfish” or the Russian submarine of the Pope class

Top 5 of Russian weapons that failed with a 'bang'
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The race between the United States and Russia has always been at all levels, it is the same today, it will be so in the future. Back in 1969, Russia launched its newest Papa-class submarine, the K-222, which still holds the record for the world’s fastest submarine, 44.7 knots. But … the Russians make the hull of the underwater body out of titanium, which makes it more expensive and impossible to produce. On the other hand, looking for the highest speed, the Russian genius forgets to deal with the biggest problem – invisibility. Ie this submarine was so noisy that no matter how fast, it was intercepted by anyone at any time. But, this Russian failure led to new conclusions, and military engineers learned the lesson, later building the Charlie-class scarecrow, and the Americans began producing more modern countermeasures. So, failure for some turns out to be success for others.

The fighter that changed the Russian aircraft industry – Su-47 Berkut

The Su-47 is a strange drinker. It was developed in 1997 and differed from all possible fighters in the world – its wings were covered and pointing in the direction of flight. The Russians believed that in this way they would make it two-tone with incredible speed and there would be exceptional maneuverability. And then the following dependence was established – such a design to achieve similar characteristics requires the use of expensive materials to increase the stress on the wings. At that time, however, Russia had serious economic problems, a low standard of living and, logically, the project was terminated. Today, Russian military engineers claim that the lesson they have learned has a single name – the Su-57.

“Black eagle” – the tank that caused the west

Top 5 of Russian weapons that failed with a 'bang'
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This tank is not such a big failure. This tank is the basis of today’s T-14 Army, which is currently the best existing tank in the world. The Black Eagle was introduced in the late 1990s and caused a stir and fear in Western countries. A serious competitor appeared on the ground, produced by the Russians, which was based on the legend T-80 and had an unmanned tower and a well-armored corps for the crew. Exactly what the Army has today. But the failure is not in the tank, but in the behavior of the Russians. To this day, they claim that the tank lacked innovation, and that it was never developed as a prototype, which is strange, as sources claim that there are at least a few prototypes developed. Apparently, they tried to cover up the situation with leaked photos around the world among foreign intelligence. “These photos show a model of a futuristic tank – a product of someone’s imagination.” Is it?

The “thing” called the Caspian monster

To this day, there are all kinds of rumors. Especially in the area of ​​whether this thing, which is a hybrid between an airplane, a seaplane and an airbag, is as effective as previously thought. Even we have recently published information that Russia intends to renew the project by providing the world with a renewed “thing” again! It appeared pre- 1987 – has a length of 243 feet, 62 feet in height and 114 feet in wingspan. It carries loads of up to 100 tons, as well as the ability to arm with a minimum of six Mosquito anti-ship missiles.

The Soviet slipper

Top 5 of Russian weapons that failed with a 'bang'
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Now attention – the Soviet slipper is an orbital spacecraft, conceived in the 60s of last century and named MiG-105. It is called a “slipper” because it has exactly this shape – the magic slipper of the spirit of the lamp. So, in the 60’s it was started, then it was stopped, and in the 70’s it was started again as a project. However, what was noticed in it after its restart in the 70s and its analogy with the American space shuttles and had to develop hypersonic speed. Russia goes further with this project – making a working prototype and several tests, respectively – but – again stopped because Russian experts believe that it is better to build spacecraft with liquid rocket fuel, rather than “booster with liquid fuel and hypersonic jet “. Russian engineers, however, leave the door open and say today that his turn may one day come.

In the end, the fact is established that Russia’s failures are not so much due to a lack of technology, but to a lack of funding. But hey, isn’t it different in the US, or have you already forgotten the B-70 bomber and the F-111 fighter?

We go back to the beginning to draw a conclusion that we have already established – without conducting experiments there can be no innovation in the world. And where there is experiment, there is failure!

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