Iran claims to have deactivated US Navy air defense systems in the Persian Gulf

TEHRAN, (BM) – Iranian and Russian media have claimed in recent hours that Iran’s air force has managed to deactivate the anti-aircraft system of US warships in the Persian Gulf region, learned

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Both sides [Iran and Russia] share photos taken by the cameras of Iranian drones flying over the US Navy, claiming that US ships did not react at all to the drones, which made a free flight over them.

According to the Iranians, one of the drones in question was a Shahed-129, which is generally an attacking unmanned aerial vehicle and has four cruise missiles.

The shared photos on the web really show photos taken by a drone. But no one has yet been able to confirm the authenticity of the photos, as well as the date of shooting, although there is one in the photos. We know from experience that such photos are not always a guarantee of authenticity, especially from the Iranian side.

Military experts at analyzed the submitted photos and said that they showed that the drones were several kilometers high, flew along the entire length of US warships and used a high-quality camera and surveillance components. Due to the quality of the photos, they (the experts) said that they could only confirm this, and not whether they were authentic, because in the editorial office we do not have the original photos.

If we decide to accept these photos as real, but only in the realm of conjecture, it is clear from them that Iran apparently used e-war components that scanned and deactivated the electronics of the US Navy’s air defense systems.

Nothing out of the ordinary – at the moment, both the United States and Russia and other countries in the world have such electronic warfare systems, but it is unusual that Iran may have developed such systems on its own, which tells us that in recent years they have achieved significant progress in this area.

If this is true, then Tehran can safely think of protecting Iran’s borders and even countermeasures, such as a possible missile strike on enemy targets.

However, so far there is no official confirmation from Washington about the authenticity of the photos and the possibility that Iran has successfully scanned the air defense systems of the US Navy.

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After Iran shot down a US drone last year, it revealed secret details of the incident

On the first anniversary since the downing of the American MQ-4C drone by an Iranian missile, the Fars Agency has published new information about this operation carried out by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

Based on this information, along with the MQ-4C, which took off from the Al Dhafra base in the UAE, there was a P-8 naval patrol aircraft and MQ-9 drones present during the downing.

After take off, the MQ-4C flew towards the Strait of Hormuz and then reportedly violated Iranian airspace before continuing towards southeastern Iran. The Iranian air defense forces then tracked the U.S. drone at a distance of 490 km before Tehran signaled for it to be shot down.

The Fars News report stressed that their radar can detect more than 200 targets with three dimensions over a distance of 500 km, and it was made by Iranian specialists “in the Ministry of Defense and the support of the armed forces.”

After the MQ-4C violated the Iranian air border area, the mission of targeting it in the area between the city of Jask and Jabal Mubarak was determined with two air defense systems.

The defense system radar detected this target at an altitude of 12 km, and it was flying at a speed of 700 km / hour and at a distance of 169 km. The missile was launched from a distance of 90 km, when the plane was at an altitude of 14 km, and hit the target at a distance of 75 km in Iranian territorial waters.

The Iranian agency also reported that the manned plane P-8 was also 17 km away when the MQ-4C was shot down, and the other airliner (MQ-9) was about 17 km from the P-8.

The Fars reported added that after the downing of the drone and despite the threats of American officials, especially President Donald Trump, “there was no offensive movement by America three days following the incident.”

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