Military diplomat: Russia’s tough maneuvers in the Black Sea are a signal for NATO

MOSCOW, (BM) – The Black Sea is becoming a region for the use of the military language between the armies of Russia and NATO, learned citing the military diplomat Vladimir Vinokurov statement.

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The Caucasus-2020 exercise began yesterday and will last until September 26. Military personnel from Russia, Belarus, Armenia, China, Myanmar and Pakistan are participating in the training. In total, more than 80 thousand people were attracted to participate.

To participate in the command and staff exercises in the Black Sea, 20 Russian warships left. At the same time, the Naval Forces of Ukraine “United Efforts-2020” are training in the water area. Four NATO ships are to join them.

To stop provocations by the North Atlantic alliance, the Russian side reacted harshly. The Black Sea Fleet stopped an attempt to approach NATO warships to the Russian borders. American ships were trapped in the water area and could not move freely. Thus, the Russian military managed to demoralize foreign sailors.

In neutral waters, everyone has a certain right. Frequent visits of foreign ships to the Black Sea are abnormal, said Vladimir Vinokurov, head of the center for military-diplomatic analysis and assessments of the League of Military Diplomats, in an interview with PolitExpert. The resolution does not terminate in the water area. It is forbidden to stay on it for more than 72 hours for the military forces of a state that does not belong to the Black Sea basin.

“The maneuver of Russia is a reaction to the frequent presence of NATO ships in the water area. It is a signal that you are our guest and we did not invite you here. It has long been necessary to take decisive measures. If they do not understand the language of the diplomatic, then they need to accept the language. military – diplomacy of force. And we see this today in this region” explained the interlocutor of the PE.

It will not come to a clash between Russia and the United States, added Vladimir Vinokurov. Any military conflict between such countries will turn from a local into a global one.

Pressure on Russia has been coming from all sides lately: ideological, political and military. Strategic bombers from the United States or Great Britain constantly appear near Russian borders: over the Baltic, Black, Barents Seas and in the Bering Strait.

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“All this is the policy of today, which has turned into a head-on collision so far at the level that“ we are warning you. They warn that all these bombers are working out scenarios of a future war,” the military diplomat said.

Such actions and maneuvers on the part of NATO are forcing the Russian leadership to take retaliatory steps. That is why it is possible to observe exercises in one region of two opposing sides, concluded Vladimir Vinokurov.

Earlier, the second stage of the Russian-Belarusian exercises “Slavic Brotherhood-2020” started. The training is designed to demonstrate the ability to withstand external aggression and maintain the integrity of the state.

Ankara sees a problem in the US presence in the Black Sea

In June this year, a short message went almost unnoticed in the media that said that Turkish refueling aircraft refueled two American bombers in the air during their flight over the Black Sea.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense has notified this event from its accounts on social networks, after which the news appeared on news feeds. This event raises many questions, political observer Barysh Doster wrote in the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet on June 3.

“What is the US doing in the Black Sea? Why send military aircraft to airspace over the Black Sea? Does the United States, wishing to be present in the Black Sea, have a permanent base here, trying to circumvent the Montreux Convention on the Straits (1936), to undermine its inviolability, cause the most difficulties for Turkey? Was it by chance that sailors who resisted US initiatives regarding the Black Sea during the Russian-Georgian war of 2008 ended up in Silivri Prison [in Istanbul. – ed.]? Given that Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania, accessing the Black Sea, are already members of NATO, can the US desire to include Georgia and Ukraine in the [North Atlantic] alliance not bother Russia? And will this pressure on Turkey increase even more? Is not Turkey one of the goals of the USA in the Black Sea? ”, the author lists his questions, emphasizing that the main thing in the current situation is Turkey’s position.

The dilemma between the US and Russia, the Atlantic and Eurasia, military-diplomatic relations and trade relations, energy dependence, Cold War patterns and the modern orientation of the world turns out to be considerable difficulties for Turkey, writes Doster.

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