Hundreds of US bombers against Russia’s air defenses – what the experts say

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – There is a dispute in absentia between American and Russian military experts. The subject of the dispute is the possibility that the United States will use one hundred or two hundred bombers to break through the air defense system of Kaliningrad, which is one of the pillars of Russian defense.

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The retired Russian general emphasizes one basic fact, which in his opinion “should still be known to the Americans”, namely that the air defense systems and air defense of the commented Russian area is the basis of Russian defense and is centrally integrated into the overall Russian defense. Russia’s air defense system. According to him, if such an attack is carried out, “we will not wait for a cup of tea for the bombers to come. Apart from the air defense systems built by CSTO and Belarus, our fighters will be at the heart of the attack, eliminating this threat.”

The retired Russian general also gave his opinion on the other side of the possible attack. According to him, the United States currently has 140 B-1 and B-2 fighter jets capable of such an attack. But for any success in its intentions, the United States must drop at least 225 aircraft in this class, the expert said.

“These are not just words thrown into space. This is our final conclusion, drawn by our military experts at the center for military and political power,” said Aiteh Bijev.

Bizhiev does not rule out the vast US arsenal, offensive and defensive, and the fact that the United States has allies in the region, but more bombers will be needed to break through Kaliningrad’s air defense systems. The same opinion was expressed by another military analyst, this time the American Shane Preiswater in his article in Defense One.

In the same article, the author cites a statement by European Air Force Commander Jeffrey Harrigan, who said that such an attack should be carried out as a “multi-layered” strategy, basically involving impact on Russia’s air, water and land defense capabilities.

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The use of modern warfare systems, such as e-war, would also play a significant role, but it should never be forgotten that the respondent also has similar ones, says the head of the Air Force for Europe.

The Americans say that such an electronic war would be successful if the operation involved B-21 bombers, which are in the process of testing, but the problem is that they must fall within the scope of air defense systems, and the chance of success is significantly reduced if this happened.

Back to the Russian expert Bizhiev, who continues on the topic, saying that “this is still an adequate air defense system, and not some hypothetical one, consistent with the balance of power of the United States and Europe”.

“This is a strategically important area. How do you expect our defense not to be significantly strengthened and supported not only by air defense systems, but also by the air force,” Bizhiev added.

As it has been written many times, Russia has two of the best air defense systems in the world – S-400 and S-500. Their advantage is not only in the increased perimeter of interception and descent of a flying object, but also in their radar system, which detects and intercepts stealth technological fighters.

The S-500 is an air defense system called by German military experts “the system that put Russia 10 years ahead of everyone else.” Recall that the United States complained that Moscow tested a hypersonic missile to shoot down satellites, and subsequently turned out to be tests of the S-500.

Polish experts also commented on the possible US attack and found that the Russians were right. “Exercises in the Western Military District have shown the location of the largest number of electronic warfare installations in the world, concentrated especially in the Kaliningrad region,” the Poles said.

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Bizhiev concludes by saying that Russia is developing its weapons systems and tactics based on Moscow’s opponents, taking into account the commanding staff, air force and others. “All this is done with mathematical models, not a picture composition. American military experts need to dig deeper to get to the truth. However, our virtual simulations are not just for protection …” the Russian general concluded his analysis.

The subject of the dispute is the possibility that the United States will use one hundred or two hundred bombers to break through the air defense system of Kaliningrad, which is one of the pillars of Russian defense.

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