Dozens of US nuclear missiles were ready to hit Pyongyang three years ago

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – In recent years, dozens of politicians or journalists decide to tell in books or memoirs about their work during a service in the White House or during a specific administration, if they are from the public sector. Such is the case with Bob Woodward [an investigating journalist – ed.], has learned, referring to material of the National Interests.

Bob Woodward describes his life in recent years around White House news as a time when it was possible for Trump to make “strange and dangerous” decisions. One is the US president’s intention to “strike” Pyongyang and North Korea with an attack of 80 nuclear weapons if North Korea decides to attack the United States or its neighbor South Korea.

Bob Woodward also claims in his book that “the elimination of the Korean leadership” has even been discussed.

Similar allegations are backed by statements by former Defense Secretary Jim Mathis, who added that they were born on the day Trump tweeted “fire and fury” to ‘rocket man’ or Kim Jong Un. “At the end of 2017, there were such plans for this kind of warfare,” Mathis said.

All this is quite confusing and would create concern in the US partner countries, especially in South Korea. Mostly because such statements speak of uncertainty and very often fear. Fear because, as no one knows what is in Kim Jong Un’s head, the same can be said for the American president, although the world relies on the established democracy there, as well as on his advisers.

But judging by the two statements, it is clear that it is very likely that there was such a readiness on the part of the United States, as well as finding logic in North Korea’s desire to acquire nuclear weapons, which they may have.

So far, analysts and military analysts have been divided over whether and when North Korea could attack America. It is clear that such an attack would be disastrous for the North Korean people. Kim Jong-un still threatens, like a little puppy, but only that much. Experts are adamant that the first strike by North Korea is impossible, just as it is impossible to wage a convection war by Kim Jong Un.

We come to the main conclusion, which has always been the “unshared secret” of the world – no one expects North Korea to pay attention to the United States if Washington withdraws its support from South Korea.

For this reason and similar conclusions, the United States is currently unable to be the first to start a war with North Korea. Not because they can’t, but because they will turn from an ally and protector of democracy in the world into a new Saddam Hussein, a new Bashar al-Assad, a new Hitler – or in simple words – a new aggressor. This will be bad not only for Washington’s image, but also for America’s partners, which leads us to a second conclusion – there is a real possibility that the US partners will not allow Washington to be the first to take an offensive step.

But if we look at the situation realistically, there will be no justification for dropping dozens of nuclear bombs on a population that has been exploited for decades by the Kim Jong Un dynasty and, on the other, will be fiercely attacked by “fraternal and democratic “ America. Mathis agrees, saying such an attack would “burn to ashes millions of people”, and unjustifiably.

However, a similar scenario that was in Donald Trump’s head does not end here. Many analysts say the worst comes after the US attack. Radioactive clouds will be widespread in South Korea, China, Russia and Japan.

And what do you expect Kim to answer? He will not watch with folded arms as his “father’s” property collapses and is attacked. Massive nuclear and artillery attacks on South Korea will be Kim’s first response, backed by a multi-thousand-strong ground invasion. Yes, in the end the United States will win, but at what cost – a destroyed Korean peninsula, accompanied by a humanitarian and human catastrophe, equivalent to the actions of Hitler’s Germany.

But not everything is so simple. The United States has suffered from its image in recent decades. An image that has been severely criticized not only by Washington’s enemies but also by friends. The United States has failed miserably in its foreign policy in recent years. Take an unregulated invasion of Iraq, built on the desire for supremacy and false intelligence. Take a Saudi Arabia that caused a humanitarian crisis in Yemen. And after all this comes Trump, who has plans to attack North Korea with 80 nuclear bombs.

The international community is already wondering, not how we are going to stop North Korea, but how we are going to stop the sick ambitions of the United States.

These are not just a ‘paper’ or dry statements or reasoning of the author. The Pew Research Center comes out with a special report that analyzes the international situation and the results are more than frightening for the United States – the reputation has declined among key allies and partners and 13 new countries have joined with a negative opinion of Donald Trump and his administration.

A nuclear war launched by the United States will change the world’s macro-climate. The United States will be seen as a much more dangerous country than Kim Jong Un, Asian partners will disappear, and Russia and China will receive international support in their attempts to limit Washington’s influence on the international stage. Then “the best democracy” will be incinerated by public evaluation to revive like a phoenix, but in stark contrast – a fraudulent state.

Bob Woodward’s revelation of similar intentions and thoughts may already be raising new questions among South Korea’s leadership, and it is likely that confidence there has also declined.

But is Trump the problem? Many people talk about the current situation, but have a short memory, because this is not the first case. Democrat Bill Clinton was on the verge of launching a similar nuclear war with North Korea, and thanks to a conversation with his South Korean counterpart, it was stopped. We can safely say that the then leader of South Korea, Kim Young-sam, prevented the nuclear attack, not Clinton.

These are also not rumors, facts are supported by the statements of the then Minister of Defense William Perry and his Deputy Minister Ashton Carter. According to them, Clinton was preparing not only a nuclear strike on Pyongyang, but also “the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of Americans” for a future invasion.

But every flock has a black sheep. In those years, it was not anyone, but Lindsey Graham, who proudly claimed and gave interviews with the idea that “…if thousands die, they’re going to die over there. They’re not going to die here.”

All this clearly shows that similar options for a nuclear strike have existed in recent decades. No matter who the boss of the White House is. It also shows another fact – the unlearned lessons in recent years.

But, going back to Trump’s intention to attack North Korea with 80 nuclear missiles, the intervention of South Korea comes to the fore again. As in Clinton’s time, a South Korean official has now reappeared, who had the courage to speak to the general public and say that “such plans have not been shared with South Korea and our consent has not been sought.” Officially, Washington would never agree with Seoul’s opinion, but in such a statement it is obliged to do so, because in this case South Korea will have its bigger ally – the world.

And if we again use the history of weapons in defense of our thesis that the United States must be tamed, let us not forget the facts that are clearly on the graves of each of the thousands killed in recent years because of “democratic American intervention” or are inscribed on the foreheads of displaced people around the world or are in the constitutional documents of destroyed states. How, after such a story of facts, do you expect a US nuclear strike on North Korea to be “another struggle for freedom.” Nonsense!

But, after all that has been said, there is something positive – it is the presence of the United States through its military bases in the region and especially on the Korean Peninsula that is the reason why no war has broken out between the North and the South so far. And that must remain the case for the last 67 years. Because no matter which administration “rubs shoes” in the mats of the White House, preventive war is never a solution.


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