Russia’s hypersonic missiles are a fact because of stolen US technology, Trump said

WASHINGTON, (BM) – The election campaign for a new White House occupant has been in full swing in recent weeks. Incumbent President Donald Trump will run for a new four-year term against his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden.

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At a pre-election rally in Minnesota, Donlad Trump received a standing ovation from his supporters after saying that Russian hypersonic missiles were technology stolen from the United States during the Barack Obama administration, has learned.

Trump assured Americans that Russia does have hypersonic missiles and that they do fly five times more than conventional missiles.

Political rallies and ignorance of the matter almost always give rise to situations in which the protagonist receives criticism or ridicule. This is also the case because, according to Trump, Russia has stolen technology from the United States to develop hypersonic weapons.

His remarks provoked laughter among the military, as it is known that after four tests of an American hypersonic missile, three failed, and very recently the first successful test of an American hypersonic missile was performed. There is no way, if you have the technology for such a weapon, to be so far behind that you will not be able to develop at least one working hypersonic missile, and secondly – to make a successful anti-hypersonic air defense system.

On the other hand, Trump, as commander-in-chief of the US military, should know that Russian hypersonic missiles fly at more than five times the speed of a conventional missile. Moscow’s anti-ship hypersonic missile Zircon flies at a speed of Max9 or 11,000 km / h. The dagger hypersonic missile, which is launched by a bomber or interceptor fighter, flies at a speed of Mach12 or nearly 15,000 km.

Russia also has a heavy intercontinental ballistic missile, which is launched by the hypersonic sliding mechanism Avangard, flying at a speed of Mach 20.7 or 25,500 km / h.

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To date, the United States does not have a single working hypersonic missile or similar mechanism, although research and development is currently underway.

“We have a missile that is developing at a much higher speed,” US President Donald Trump continued in his populist speech, which is further proof that this man has no idea what the United States really has.

The contradiction in his words is palpable. It makes no sense at first to claim that Russia has stolen American technology, at the next to claim that you have a “super-duper” missile, and to this day to have only one successful test of a missile that has not yet been knows if a hypersonic weapon will be successful.

However, in May this year, both we and dozens of international media reported Trump’s statement that America was working to develop the world’s fastest missile, which is a vague sign of what will come of it.

What we do know for sure is that the Pentagon is working on nine projects in this area, but testing of the prototypes in question will not happen until 2022.

Quite a long waiting period, given that at the moment the Russians claim that they already have an air defense system that is capable of intercepting a hypersonic missile. We are talking about the latest Russian development in this area – S-500, which is why German experts say that Russia is ten years ahead of everyone else in this area.

However, the pre-election rallies give birth to both nonsense and fictional false stories, as well as false heroes, whose knowledge is only enough to keep the debate alive.

Russian hypersonic missile is capable of reaching Washington in 15 minutes

As we reported on September 12, the Chinese portal Sina was surprised at the capabilities of the Russian military complexes “Sarmat”, “Avangard” and “Yars”, which “put America in a stalemate”.

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The authors of the article note that Russian complexes are extremely dangerous for the enemy, their flight range is more than ten thousand kilometers.

“The Avangard missile is capable of reaching Washington in 15 minutes. During this time, the Americans will not even have time to drink a cup of coffee, and even more so they will not be able to repel the Russian rocket,” the article says.

The author is convinced that the American air defenses will not have time to intercept the Avangard attack, and the American coastal areas will be defenseless against the Russian complex. The journalist called the missile itself “a masterpiece of the Russian army.”

The projectile’s combat characteristics make it “an even more terrifying weapon than a nuclear bomb,” the author of the article added. The author also recalled that Russia has developed hypersonic missiles, but the United States has failed to do this. Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that testing of the latest combat modules for light boats would begin in Russia.

Prototype of a US hypersonic missile was destroyed during tests

A prototype test missile of the American hypersonic program, developed by order of the Pentagon, was destroyed in the United States during the tests, as we reported on June 10 this year.

According to Aviation Week magazine, the incident occurred with a missile, allegedly developed by Lockheed Martin Corporation under the program of a hypersonic ramjet engine, initiated by the Office of promising research projects of the US Department of Defense.

The magazine notes that the implementation of the program, in which Lockheed Martin and Raytheon develop hypersonic missiles, is several months behind the plan.

According to Aviation Week, the rocket sample was separated from the B-52 bomber, which was not provided for in the test plan. The bomber is part of the 419th squadron of flight tests of the US Air Force Edwards Air Force Base in California. According to the magazine, the missile’s separation occurred over land, although, according to the sources of the publication, the tests were planned to be conducted over the Pacific Ocean.

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The magazine emphasizes that the management of promising research projects do not comment on the incident, citing the fact that the details of such tests are classified. According to Aviation Week, an investigation is underway.

Lockheed Martin and Raytheon participate in a tender by the U.S. Air Force for the development of the HAWC (Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept, a concept of hypersonic airborne weapons). It involves the development of a hypersonic aircraft missile to launch from several types of fighters, including the F-35.

US military has conducted successful tests of a hypersonic missile

The Pentagon reported on the successful test of a planning hypersonic missile conducted on March 19 in Hawaii, according to the US military report on March 20.

“The Ministry of Defense successfully tested the hypersonic planning unit during the flight experiment,” the department said.

The description of the video says that the tests were carried out at the Pacific missile test site, on the island of Kauai, at about 22.30 local time.

The rocket with hypersonic speed reached the target and hit it. The department called the tests “a key step on the way to the Pentagon’s goal – the deployment of hypersonic combat potential in the early to mid-2020s.”

“These trials are based on the success we achieved during our first flight experiment in October 2017, when the C-HGB achieved robust hypersonic planning at a selected distance,” US Admiral John Wolfe, Strategic Navy Strategic Systems Development Program, quotes TASS.

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