H&K MSG90 sniper rifle – a Bulgarian sniper fired the ‘impossible shot’ with it

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Two years ago, in 2018 a sniper from the Bulgarian Army distinguished himself with a unique shot, setting a record at a competition in Germany for military snipers from NATO with the participation of 19 nations.

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Corporal Krum Hadjipetkov of the 31st Mechanized Battalion hit a target at a distance of 1.5 km, measuring 50 cm by 1 m. His achievement was declared a record, as the standard distance for shooting at such a target is from 200 m to a kilometer.

It is reported that while shooting at the shortest distance of 106 meters, Corporal Hadjipetkov managed to fire three bullets with such accuracy that they hit the same place on the target and “hit” each other. According to the laws of ballistics, this is considered impossible.

Eternal MSG90 sniper rifle with which a Bulgarian sniper fired an 'impossible shot'
Corporal Krum Hadjipetkov, Photo credit: Die Welt

At the competition the Bulgarian fighter shot at 830 m and a little over 1 km with different weapons, one of them was Heckler & Koch MSG90 sniper rifle. The unique thing about his 1.5 km shot is that he fired with one hand, with a rifle resting on his backpack. Before this shooting, there was a cross-country race of 21 km with equipment and a backpack with sand – a total of about 25 kg.

This significantly hampers accuracy, but he still set a record. Americans, Dutch, Finns and others also took part in this distance. However, only the Bulgarian sniper managed to hit the target, with the first shot.

With such long-range shots, many indicators are taken into account, even the rotation of the Earth and air currents. The wind has the greatest influence. It is the most unpredictable and can blow from several directions at different speeds. When the Bulgarian was shot, there was a relatively light wind.

A Finnish colleague observed the target at a distance of 1.5 km and confirmed the hit, while a German military man calculated the distance with a precision laser rangefinder and took into account the other specific data and measurements. The two signed for the record that the Bulgarian set in the shooting.

In his other, almost unrealistic achievement, Corporal Hadjipetkov fired at a distance of 106 meters, scoring absolutely identical hits with three bullets and “stringing” them on top of each other. At 252 meters, his three bullets fired in a volume of ten cents, at 500 meters and a little above them, he hit a table tennis ball. At 800 m he struck an orange in the center.

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He was prepared for the competition in Haskovo, at a shooting range, where the fighters are training with weapons that are in service with the Bulgarian Army.

The Heckler & Koch MSG90 sniper rifle

The MSG 90 self-loading rifle is structurally in many ways similar to its predecessor – the PSG 1 rifle. The rifle is equipped with a free-hanging cold forged barrel with four polygonal grooves. Barrels for model A1 are made from PSG 1 barrels by turning to the required length.

The body of the trigger mechanism of the MSG 90 is made of plastic together with a pistol grip, from the design of which the “heel” is excluded. The new model also received a modified plastic lightweight stock.

One of the most useful features of the MSG 90 is a universal sight mounting system that allows you to install various optical devices with a magnification of up to 10 ×, providing an effective firing range of up to 1000 m. which by turning the lever in a matter of seconds, you can strengthen or remove the sight.

Unlike the PSG 1, the MSG 90 has symmetrical double-sided safety levers and magazine compartments, making it easier to use the rifle for both left-handed and right-handed shooters (the latter can operate these levers without changing position).

The trigger mechanism provides high reliability – the shot does not occur even if the rifle, removed from the safety lock, falls from a height of 2 m.

The MSG 90 A 1 variant received mechanical sighting devices from the NK 21 machine gun: a front sight in a circular front sight and an adjustable sight designed for a range of 100 to 1200 m. A thread is cut on the muzzle of the barrel to install a compensator, a sound silencer or a flame arrester. Also, a case reflector was installed on the rifle body behind the window for ejection of casings, which made it possible to fire from the left shoulder.

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The MSG 90 A 1 has a redesigned buttstock with adjustable rear shock and cheek rest. It also became possible to quickly restore the initial setting of these stops.

Users of H&K MSG90 are the military of Bangladesh, Denmark, France, Indonesia, Iraq, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Korea, Thailand, the United States, Uruguay, Vietnam.


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