Jordan to receive 80 AMX-56 Leclerc tanks from United Arab Emirates

ABU DHABI, (BM) – According to information that has not yet been confirmed officially, the United Arab Emirates [UAE] decided to hand over parts of the AMX-56 Leclerc MBTs to Jordan, learned citing Defence24. The Jordanian tankers are to receive 80 Leclercs, which will supplement the current fleet of several different MBT models.

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In 1993, the UAE purchased from the French concern GIAT Industries [now Nexter Systems] 436 copies of the AMX-56 Leclerc [including 388 main battle tanks, 48 ​​technical support vehicles and 2 training tanks]. They were used by the Emirates’ land forces and have been used there for nearly two decades.

The handover of 80 of these tanks to Jordan will reduce the number of Leclercs owned by the UAE to 356 [none of the tanks damaged during the fighting in Yemen were written off].

The Jordanian Army currently operates several different Main Battle Tank models. These include: 392 Al-Hussein MBTs [British Challenger 1], 364 Khalid MBTs [British Chieftain], 182 M60A3 Phoenix MBTs [locally upgraded American M60A3TTS], 82 M60A1 Patton MBTs, and probably 293 in reserve Tariq MBTs [British Centurion]. The introduction of 80 AMX-56 Leclerc into service will speed up the withdrawal from the line and the transfer to the reserve of the oldest structures in operation.

The AMX-56 Leclerc is a French Main Battle Tank that was designed in the 1980s to replace the then obsolete AMX-30 Main Battle Tank. It is one of several Western 3rd generation MBT models alongside the American M1 Abrams, British Challenger 2, German Leopard 2 and Italian C1 Ariete. This design was used by the French army in the number of 406 (plus 20 technical support vehicles) and the Emirates’ army in the number of 390 copies (plus 48 technical support vehicles).

The crew of the tank consists of three people. Its main armament is the GIAT CN10-26 ka smoothbore gun. 120 mm (compatible with Rh120 guns and derivatives), with a barrel length of 52 calibers, with an autoloader with a rate of fire from 10 to 12 pcs / min, and a 12.7 mm M2 Browning machine gun and the AA NF universal rifle coupled with it -1 7.62 mm caliber on the turret roof.

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Its armor is made of multilayer composites and is intended to provide high protection against most modern anti-tank agents, which is basically confirmed by the experience in Yemen. The 1500 HP SACM V8X 1500 T9 Hyperbar diesel engine is to provide a maximum speed of 72 km / h and a range of 450 km with a combat weight of 62 tons.

Qatar donated dozens of armored vehicles to the Jordanian army

As we reported on April 13 this year Qatar has donated 44 armored vehicles to the Jordanian army by Stark Motors in Qatar. The armored vehicles are equipped with a mine protection system.

Jordanian news agency Petra and the Jordanian news agency reported that Qatar has supplied the Jordanian army with embroidery tools from two models NOMAD and THUNDER, which are 4X4 vehicles for carrying ballistic missiles.

The Qatar government supplies also to IDF troops and several Middle East and African countries, including 24 vessels for the Mali army and dozens of vehicles for Somalia.

The Nomad is 4×4 APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) in the category of MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle. It provides blast protection up to STANAG 4569 Level 3 and ballistic protection up to STANAG 4569 Level 4.

The Nomad MRAP incorporates the design of a crew capsule with a V-shaped hull. The incorporation of such a design has enabled Nomad to survive an 8 kg land mine blast under the wheels and the body without any injuries.

The Nomad MRAP has a crew of three with a driver, commander at the front and a gunner position. The vehicle can carry 8 soldiers at the rear of the hull.

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The Thunder is also a 4×4 APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) in the category of MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle manufactured by the Qatari Company Stark Motors. It also incorporates the design of a crew capsule with a V-shaped hull. It has a crew of 2 including driver and commander located at the front of the vehicle and can carry 7 soldiers including a gunner.


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