Cavusoglu to Greece: If we attack your islands, Greek troops will not help

ATHENS, (BM) – Someone to stop the drugs of Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu or prevent him from overdosing. Political overdose! The Turks do not seem to have any contact with reality and it is a given that with their attitude no compromise can be made with Greece. This is proven by the incendiary statements made by Mevlüt Cavusoglu in an interview, learned citing Pentapostagma.

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Speaking about the exploratory contacts, he put all the non-existent Turkish issues on the table:

“Investigative contacts began before we took over the government of the country. What exploratory include. Civil aviation. The islands whose sovereignty has not been determined, geographical formations, territorial waters, as well as the maritime areas of responsibility. There is also the issue of demilitarization of the islands. Saying that we will take one of these issues and talk, shows that he either does not know what the investigative issues include, or he does not want a solution to the other issues as he has weak arguments.”

He then talks about the return of Oruc Reis if Greece does not enter into a dialogue with the terms of Turkey: “Greece can take advantage of this phase as an opportunity. As our President said to Mrs Merkel. We reserve our rights in the areas where seismic surveys were conducted by Oruc Reis. Let them take advantage of this opportunity during the ship maintenance period. Otherwise, we will continue our activity normally “.

Regarding the Greek islands, he said:

“As an excuse for the militarization of the islands, they say that there is a threat from Turkey. While there has been no attack on these islands. Also, if there is a military intervention by Turkey, those weapons [means Greek – ed.] will have no benefit” he said.

“Greece must first announce that it does not accept the map of Seville. As long as this map remains, it is not possible to solve the problems. Today we can start exploratory, but how do we solve the problems?” also he added

“Greece will tell us that these parts belong to it and will tell us “get out of here”. “This is not possible. As long as this map exists, no negotiations can take place, but even if they do, they will not bring any results” Cavusoglu concluded.

France and Italy stand up for the Greeks, a ‘cold sweat’ for Erdogan

With a tweet and a statement from when he was mayor of Istanbul and… young, Recep Tayyip Erdogan reacted to the Greek-French alliance for the armaments and loud messages sent to Turkey by the countries of the European South that met in Corsica, said on September 11.

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The President of Turkey chose (in the first phase) to “respond” to Med-7 and what Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Emanuel Macron said by posting a video from when he was mayor of Istanbul. He uploaded it at around 01:00 in the morning on his personal [and not the presidency] twitter account. And the message was clear.

It was a statement he had made then. “There is a wolf table being prepared. Do you want to eat us? We are too big, you will not succeed. You can’t do it.”

Macron vs. Turkey and Russia

For his part, Emanuel Macron denounced the “hegemonic game” of Russia and Turkey in the Mediterranean. The French president commented on developments not only in the Eastern Mediterranean, but also on what is happening in Syria and Libya, with the role played by Russia and Turkey in the region.

“Our Mediterranean is today the theater of prolonged conflict, in Syria, in Libya. “The hegemonic game of historical forces seeking to destabilize the whole region and the role of Russia, as well as Turkey, are of concern to us.”

Conte: Solidarity to Greeks and Cypriots

Rome’s solidarity with the Greeks and Cypriots, who “face unilateral action by Turkey”, was expressed tonight by the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, after the end of the Med7 Summit in Corsica. “The tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean region concern us all,” Conte said.

Satisfaction Anastasiadis

For his part, Nikos Anastasiadis did not hide his satisfaction with the fact that the leaders of MED7 had a unanimous position on the situation in the Mediterranean.

“I welcome the unanimous position, but also the determination of all European leaders, as reflected in the joint declaration on the need to end Ankara’s illegal actions in the EEZ of Cyprus and Greece,” said the President of Cyprus.

What the findings of the Med7 Group say

The text of conclusions [paragraph 6: Peace and stability in the Mediterranean] lists Med7’s full support in Greece and Cyprus.

In particular, the following is stated: “The leaders expressed their full support and solidarity in Greece and Cyprus for the repeated violations of sovereignty and sovereign rights, as well as for the aggressive actions of Turkey. They call on all countries in the region to comply with international law, in particular International Maritime Law, and encourage all parties to resolve their differences through dialogue and negotiation.

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In fact, they welcome the mediation effort of Josep Borrell and Germany with the aim of continuing the dialogue between Greece and Turkey on the issue of maritime zones. The seven leaders, taking into account the conclusions of the recent European Council, regret that Turkey has not responded to the EU’s repeated calls to end its unilateral and illegal actions in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean.

The leaders say – following the informal Council of Foreign Ministers [Gymnich] in August – that they agree to work on additional lists based on the proposals submitted so far, in order to be adopted immediately.

They argue that, in the absence of progress in engaging Turkey in dialogue, unless it terminates unilateral activities, the EU is ready to draw up a list of further restrictive measures to be discussed at the European Council meeting on 24-25 September 2020.

Israel arms and modernizes the army of Turkey’s main enemy

The Greek Defense Ministry is negotiating with the Israeli concern Elbit Maarahot on the modernization and rearmament of the air force. The estimated amount of the transaction is several tens of millions of euros, as we reported yesterday [September 16 – ed.].

We are talking about the modernization of Apache helicopters with the installation of Spike NLOS missiles on them, reports the Kalkalist edition.

The Israeli concern can also modernize the F-16 and Mirage-2000 aircraft of the Greek Air Force, installing modern avionics on them and equipping the pilots with Israeli-made technological helmets. At the moment, according to most experts, the Greek Air Force is significantly inferior in power, speed and armament to the Turkish Air Force.

Spike is a family of Israeli homing anti-tank missiles [some of the best or best in the world]. Option Spike Nlos – especially long range or “over the horizon” – up to 25 km.

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In January 2020, an American Apache helicopter, using an Israeli missile, “opened” a Russian “Pantsir” in Arizona at night. Messages about a possible deal came against the backdrop of a sharply aggravated “gas” conflict between NATO members, Greece and Turkey.


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