Iraq is one of the potential buyers of Russian Su-57 fighter jet, China says

BEIJING, (BM) – Russia may soon conclude the first contract for the export of its fifth generation Su-57 fighters, learned according Chinese news agency Sohu.

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A resurgence of cutting-edge aircraft research and development has taken over the world. Fifth generation fighters appeared in Russia, USA, China. They are actively being developed in South Korea, Great Britain and India, noted in Sohu. These countries have not yet reached the capacities and characteristics that new generation aircraft should have.

Russian Su-57 fighters are a production model that has been developed since 2002. Until 2017, the project was known as the T-50. After extensive research, the fifth generation of aircraft appeared in Russia. The new fighter is called the successor to the Su-27. The Chinese analyst suggested that the combat aircraft will be used as the basis for further upgraded models.

Although the first Su-57 was produced in 2017, Russia was in no hurry to start mass production. For several years the country has been polishing and improving its model, treating the project with the utmost care and thoroughness. Military experts believe that the Su-57 has high combat capabilities and will soon go into mass production.

Serial production is expected not only in the Russian army, but also in countries that are focused on the purchase of weapons. Sohu, citing military sources in the Russian Federation, reports that representatives from several states have already arrived in Moscow to discuss contracts for the export of the Su-57. Among them are politicians from third world countries. The popularity of the Russian fighter jet worries the United States and its allies.

Iraq is one of the potential buyers. The country needs Su-57 aircraft to contain Turkey, according to the Chinese edition. The Russian fighter has already become a strategic weapon. Even if we take into account that Moscow sells for export advanced weapons with understated characteristics, the Su-57 remains desirable for many countries.

For the third world countries, the price of modern weapons is especially important. The American F-35 fighter is on sale for $ 200 million. For small countries, such amounts are too expensive for a plane. Although the Chinese J-20 fighter is better in price, the country does not have enough experience to export weapons.

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Many states have to rely on Russian Su-57s. Even the underrated export version remains a great buy. Thanks to Russia, countries can “fulfill” their dreams of adopting a fifth generation fighter jet.

The serial production capacity of the Su-57 is still limited. Therefore, the question remains who will be the first foreign customer of the Russian fifth generation fighter. According to the analysis of the Indian media, Algeria could become such a country. Russia may sell the Su-57 to this state to test the aircraft’s combat performance before a mass sale. After the first successful sales, the next buyers will be China and India, concluded in Sohu.

Earlier, the Chinese military identified the weaknesses of the J-20 fighters after a series of night tests. Air defense systems detected aircraft while flying at supersonic speed.

Russia showed almost assembled second production Su-57 fighter

Russian aircraft manufacturers presented photographs of the almost assembled second production Su-57 fighter, which, in combination, should become the first fifth-generation fighter to enter service with the Russian Aerospace Forces as we reported on August 13.

The United Aircraft Corporation showed the assembly of the second production Su-57 fighter. The photographs are presented in the material of the UAC, timed to coincide with the visit of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant named after Y. A. Gagarin. As noted by the blog of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies bmpd, the car presumably has the serial number 51002.

The authors of the note remind that the first serial fighter Su-57 (aircraft T-50S-1, serial number 51001, tail number “01 blue”) performed its first flight in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in early December last year. They wanted to transfer it to the Ministry of Defense at the end of December, but shortly before that, on the 24th, the car crashed during tests. A failure in the control system was named as the cause of the accident. The pilot who piloted the plane was not injured.

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The crash of the first production aircraft had serious consequences, including a change in the management of Sukhoi. According to reports, the company must compensate for the loss of the car at its own expense by assembling another new generation fighter.

Earlier it became known that the Russian Ministry of Defense signed a major contract for the supply of a batch of 76 Su-57 aircraft. They should be delivered by 2028. After that, they intend to continue producing the aircraft with the so-called second stage engine, which has the designation “Type 30”. This is a new engine that must meet the requirements of the fifth generation. The afterburner thrust for a promising product is supposedly 18,000 kgf.

Note that now the aircraft is equipped with the AL-41F1 engine, which is a development of the Soviet AL-31F installed on the Su-27 fighter. Type 30 is undergoing tests. The Su-57 fighter performed its first flight with a “second stage engine” back in 2017: in the photo presented at the time, you can see the new engine in the left nacelle of the prototype of the T-50-2 fighter.

The Su-57 is the first and so far the only Russian fifth generation fighter. The car performed its first flight on January 29, 2010. Over the years, ten flight prototypes have been built.

The aircraft has four cargo compartments: two main and two side. They, presumably, can house up to six air-to-air missiles or other weapons.

New glazing of the Su-57 will protect the pilot from the light of a nuclear explosion

The glazing developed for the fifth generation fighter Su-57 is capable of protecting the pilot from the light of a nuclear explosion and various types of radiation, said Andrei Silkin, general director of the developer, ONPP Technologiya, as we reported on August 5.

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“[Provides] protection for the crew from the effects of electromagnetic, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, as well as from the effects of light radiation from a nuclear explosion,” – said Silkin on a single day of acceptance of military products on Wednesday.

According to him, due to the new materials, the radar invisibility of the cabin is also achieved, while “the impact strength of the glazing has doubled while its weight is halved.”

Silkin noted that such indicators were achieved through the use of technology for molding aircraft glazing from sheet monolithic polycarbonate, as well as through magnetron deposition of special multifunctional coatings based on gold and indium-tin alloy.


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