How the AR-15 assault rifle was converted into a large-caliber sniper rifle

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – In the mid-1990s. the American firm “Advanced Long-range Systems LLC” from Eagle Point, Philadelphia, offered a rather unusual service on the market of large-caliber weapons at that time.

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The main clients of this company were to be hunters, athletes or police officers who wanted to have a .50 caliber rifle in their arsenal for a low price, while, according to the developers, no special permits were needed to store especially powerful weapons.

The service consists in alteration [in the language of the company, “conversion”] of an AR-15 or M 16 rifle into a .50 caliber weapon.

To do this, the company provides a set of parts worth about $1,700 – and you have a powerful weapon of the highest quality with an accuracy of 1 MOA per 1000 yards [if you are using match-grade cartridges].

So, the first step is to obtain permission to store semi-automatic civilian weapons [in the United States, this is not too difficult]. Step two – buy AR-15 or M16 rifles in .223 ]5.56 mm] caliber. Next, the weapon should be disassembled. All you need is a pistol grip, which is a single whole with a magazine receiver ]completely unnecessary in this case], a trigger, a trigger, a fuse and a stock.

The rest can be thrown away – why do you need a weapon without a stock and a trigger. However, you can also throw away the butt with the handle and the trigger – this “designer” and make a smart face – they say, he assembled himself a super-powerful gun.

The company guarantees the highest quality fit and manufacture of all parts of the “designer” from materials of the best quality: only parts made of high-strength chromium-molybdenum steel are used.

The rifle comes with a universal scope mount, to which you can attach any military or hunting scope, as well as a night vision device. Of the advantages, it should also be noted the so-called “free floating” barrel, which does not have rigid contact with the rifle forend. Thanks to this, a significant percentage of the recoil is not transferred to the shooter’s shoulder.

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When testing branded butts, which significantly reduce recoil, the good company offers enough of any shapes, colors and materials [of course, for an additional fee]. The last step is to assemble from a set of parts provided by the company along with instructions for use and assembly, rather than the standard butts of AR-15 and M 16 rifles, according to the company’s specialists, the recoil momentum does not exceed that of a shot from a standard .30 hunting carbine. × 06.

The client can choose from 4 models of large-caliber sniper rifles, which are a standard manually reloadable single-shot weapon:

  • Mod 1 is the only true “conversion” AR-15 / M 16 from the entire line [other variants can be assembled without damaging rather expensive rifles from Colt or Armalite]. As already emphasized, the store receiver is completely unnecessary. For the standard AR-15 stock, it is recommended to wear an additional shock-absorbing pad from Advanced Long-range Systems;
  • Mod 2 is a large caliber tactical sniper rifle. A long barrel that allows you to achieve a high initial velocity of a bullet, light bipod for reliable attachment to the ground, a light and durable plastic shoulder rest are the characteristic features of military or police weapons. However, the rifle is also great for sportsmen or hunters;
  • Mod 3 with sporty wooden stock with integrated grip – typical weapon for sporting events or hunting. For target shooting, it is recommended to install it on the machine;
  • Mod 4 is called “carbine”. The shortened barrel and durable polymer stock allow the weapon to be used both for training purposes by novice shooting enthusiasts and in close combat as an inexpensive tactical sniper rifle of special power.

It should be noted that the division into models is rather arbitrary. The firm allows and even encourages changes in the configuration of the weapon. For example, the use of the Mod 2 lightweight aluminum stock in the Mod 4 makes the system even lighter.

A rather non-standard, for its time, approach of “Advanced Long-range Systems” to the design of large-caliber weapons was soon approved by the leading American [and even world] association FCSA and is now very widely used by numerous small firms that flooded the United States with “conversions” of M 16 rifles chambered for 50 caliber.

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For shooting from a rifle, in principle, any cartridges of 12.7 × 99 mm caliber are suitable. For the most experienced athletes, the company offers to equip ammunition by hand on their own, for which the list of products offered includes machines for squeezing bullets, measuring containers for pouring powder into a case [with the ability to weigh a portion], cases for .50 cartridges, as well as various types of bullets.

In conclusion, the company offers to “convert” the Colt M 1911 pistol in .45 or 9 mm “Glock” into a small carbine. To do this, you do not have to disassemble the weapon, it is enough to supplement your pistol with an overhead barrel with a long aiming frame [the barrel is equipped with a flame arrester!], As well as a butt. It turns out almost a rifle of quite decent size [about 80 cm long].


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