Washington will move the Incirlik base to Greece, Turkish and Greek media say

ATHENS, ANKARA, (BM) – According to the Greek media’s claim, the United States is planning to move its troops from Incirlik to one of the Greek islands. The claim in question belongs to Republican Senator Ron Johnson, learned BulgarianMilitary.com.

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A flash claim was made about the United States, which lifted the arms embargo to the Southern Cyprus Greek Administration and held exercises in Greece and the Mediterranean.

According to the claim of the Greek broadcasting of Times news website that the Washington administration in Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base in Adana 50 nuclear warheads prepared to move to the allegations that Greek territory was brought to attention.

Incirlik military base in Turkey is under US control “Base is one of the NATO alliance’s strategic asset because it is a convenient place to store the Arab presence in the doorway to the world and Russian threat for the Union” statements were used.

US Senator: Erdogan’s foreign policy is disturbing

“We do not know what will happen to Incirlik,” said Ron Johnson, the head of the European Senate Foreign Affairs sub-committee, who argued that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s path in foreign policy was “disturbing.” We have to plan,” he said.

The Americans noted that want to maintain the presence and cooperation in Turkey, US Senator Johnson said about Incirlik’s possible relocation “I do not think we want to make a strategic change, but I think the reality on the defensive situation is not good the way in which Erdogan’s go. We must look by a prespective position” made its evaluation.

Incirlik base could be relocated to Greece

“Erdogan did not hesitate to express that he could expel Americans from Incirlik in the past, and that about 50 nuclear warheads might need a new home in the region,” said Johnson and continuing, “While considering a possible exit from Incirlik, we are currently looking at Greece as an alternative.”

‘Our presence in Turkey is under threat’

The US Senator also noted that “Erdogan’s Turkey is holding the road and this is very unfortunate. Disturbing. This is very worrying. Certainly one of the reasons we increase our military cooperation with Greece and development in this. We are strengthening our presence in the Water Bay and to be honest, certainly our presence in Turkey is under threat” he commented.

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Turkey may close the Bosphorus and leave Syria without Russian support

Tensions between Athens and Ankara could escalate with terrible force at any moment, which will be one of the reasons why Turkey is taking drastic measures to preserve the country’s integrity as we reported on September 10.

According to sources, Ankara is ready at any moment to close the Bosphorus and ban the passage of warships through the strait. This would mean a serious blow to the weekly supplies of arms, equipment, food and other supplies to the Russian army in Syria and to the Syrian army.

Of course, if that happens, air supplies will be Russia’s only alternative to delivering, but experts say it will not be enough to meet the weekly needs of both the Kmeimim base in Syria and Russian warships located in the Mediterranean.

The French statement that Paris would support Greece in a possible conflict between Turkey and Greece further inflamed the situation and brought Ankara closer to making more difficult decisions.

Analysts say Ankara will actually be forced to close the Black Sea-Mediterranean passage, especially if NATO member states try to further complicate the situation with a possible solution, not in favor of the Turks.

At the same time, Russia is carefully considering its actions and words, as Putin is adamantly against further escalation of tensions. Russia realizes that if this happens, the situation in the Middle East could change radically, and lead to negative consequences for Damascus. Something that Putin does not want to happen.

“About half a year ago, Turkey announced the closure of the Bosphorus in the event of the slightest threat to Turkish interests, and today Turkey has actually blocked the exit of Russian ships through the Bosphorus – this could happen in an hour, a day, a week or for a year, but this is more than real” added a number of military experts.

We remind you that only a few days ago, Turkey carried out a large-scale transfer of heavy military equipment along its border with Greece, part of which was deliberately withdrawn from Syria. With this action, Turkey forced Athens to significantly increase its combat readiness, hoping to get support from its allies.

This support could come today, after a bilateral meeting between the Greek and French prime ministers. As we wrote earlier today, Greece will discuss the supply of various military equipment, including pressing issues for new Greek frigates and fighters to be delivered from Paris.

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Paris has repeatedly stated its firm opinion that it will support Greece in the conflict with Turkey.

At the same time, another unexpected friend of Athens is waiting and watching the situation with interest. Egypt has been on alert since nearly a month ago, after making it clear that it would support the Libyan National Army led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. Two weeks ago, Egypt officially announced that it would do the same with Greece, as Athens is an important and strategic partner of the pharaohs.

Nuclear ambitions

Erdogan has recently expressed his frustration at not having nuclear weapons, saying in October last year [2019 – ed.] that Turkey should be allowed to have nukes if Israel does.

“Some countries have missiles with nuclear warheads, not one or two. But (they tell us) we can’t have them. This, I cannot accept,” the Reuters news agency quoted him as telling his ruling AK Party members in the eastern city of Sivas.

“There is no developed nation in the world that doesn’t have them,” Erdogan said, even though most developed nations do not have nuclear weapons.

Under international treaties only the US, Russia, the UK, France and China could have nuclear weapons. India, Pakistan and North Korea later developed them too. South Africa had several atomic bombs but dismantled them when it became a democracy.

Israel is also believed to have nuclear weapons, a fact alluded to by Erdogan.

“We have Israel nearby, as almost neighbors. They scare (other nations) by possessing these. No one can touch them.”

Erdogan stopped short of saying that Turkey would begin developing weapons, but seemed to rail against the terms of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, which Turkey signed in 1980. Turkey has also signed the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, which bans all nuclear detonations for any purpose.

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